Could It Really Be That This Lady Proposed To Her Man For Real?


Most times we get used to a particular way of doing things that it becomes news if someone decides to break away from the status quo. This is the case of the young Nigerian lady in the picture above, who decided to do something different and propose to her boyfriend instead of the other way round like we are all used to.

In the picture which have since gone viral, the lady is seen kneeling before her man asking him to marry her with a ring. You can see her friends and co-workers capturing the moment.

This has got people talking with opposing views on whether it is right for a woman to propose marriage to her male partner.

See some reactions below:

@Adedayo Peter Adebunmi: OK some ladies in their egoistic petiole minds will be like I can never propose to a Man!!! Uhmm lol lol . I laugh cuz na by the time menopause come knocking at door.. My sister you go even propose to a Monkey….

@Sesan Abisoye Peculiar: Wawwu! That’s good, time is going, you don’t wanna waste time, I salute your courage o! If I say I can do it, please hold something, cos the lie can fall you down.

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@Ugwuja Oluebube: Haaaaaaaaaa babe u try oooo, nice one, but I can’t do dat, d men are d one to propose and not d other way round, u really are a strong lady.

@Amanze Emmanuel: It might be actually truth because is obvious that successful men are being chased by ladies these days, I don’t believe that this is a nolly wood scene QED.

@Destiny Boy Matt: Mayb she is sufrin from akwukwa(convotion) or she is ite njo (ugly) kus a wel normal lady can nva propos to a man rada her lov for him go dey upgrade evry seconds of d day,umu nwanyii ndonuuu ooo.

@Hadebayor King Mhussodhiqq: She’s really bold and she love him so much and she don’t want to Loose him I like what she did I like her way Congrat. while some will be pretending that they don’t have the courage whether a girl proposed to a guy or approach a guy love is the most important if love was there nothing bad in it congratulations once again to both of them.

@Patience James: For me i think is wrong, even the bible said a man will live his father ad mother not d other way round, it is wrong ad improper for a lady to propose to a guy, it makes him look down on u, ad feels he is everything.

@Ife Fatokun: This could be us but you are waiting for me to propose to you because you are scared about how the society will perceive u or if I may want to take you for granted later but baby just be a ‘man’ and propose;I promise to appreciate the ring and I won’t turn you down.

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@Margret David: It is abnormal for a woman to propose to a man. The Bible says He who find a wife find a good thing and obtain a favor from the Lord.NOT SHE WHO FIND A HUSBAND it is wrong we need to change our mentality.

@Okendu Philip: A lady proposing to a man?? I love it. It’s real. Men must not do everything joor

@Enimofe Oyato: When she has waited for too long for the guy to propose and nothing happen, so she took the step n propose to the guy to let him know that if u refuse to be the man I will help you be the man abi.. Is that a problem to judge her courage, people self.. Abeg make I continue my work jare no time.. I need to propose before my girl take my place ooo.

@Olatunbosun Ogunsiji: There is no BIG DEAL in it,just only the real ladies can do it not all.