Hahahaha! Lady Crashes Into Gutter While Trying To Take Perfect Picture


It looks like the ‘Association of Nigerian ladies’ have decided to treat us to a good laugh this week.. While we are still trying to get over the free show we were treated to yesterday, December 8, after the photos of a lady who tripped inside a gutter while on high heels emerged online, another has surfaced.

The lady can be seen trying to take a picture-perfect-photo looking like a professional model but unfortunately for her, she had her jaw kissing the edge of a block! Ouch!

Yesterday, a Facebook User, Oyinemi Nicholas, narrated and shared photos of a Lady who tripped and fell into a gutter while cat-walking on her high heels.

He wrote:

“She that is down needs fear no fall, she that is low no pride. I don’t know whether to laugh or to be sad. But ladies no be by force to wear high heel oooooo. Some struggle and struggle yet they never give up on the nemesis.

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“The worst part for this Ikwerre girl is that everybody waka pass. The only person wey stop, stop to take picture and then e continue the waka……… Sorry oooooo, just pick yourself up and waka your journey. Dazzol.

#Still on Jesus is Lord

Unlike our Nigerian sister who fell and probably just got injured, 21 year old Anna Krupeynikova ended up dead as she toppled off a bridge while trying to take a selfie.

The young woman leaned against a fence to take a picture of herself while she was out with her pals. She plunged 40 feet to her death after her support reportedly gave way.

Sadly, she had just graduated with a degree in tourism and they stopped by a bridge to take a few pictures of the Russian capital while they were sightseeing around Moscow.