Kwese TV: A New Satellite And Broadcasting Network By Econet Media – Here Is All You Need To Know


Could Kwese TV be the change we have all been waiting for? So About 2 weeks ago, I had such a long and stressful day at the DSTV Head office in Abuja; from a never ending queue to customers complaining from every angle. It was very clear something had to be done about this!

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The truth is DSTV has the monopoly in the satellite broadcasting business in Africa and with little or no completion available in the region; they are beginning to get comfortable and not doing much to improve its customer service.

The beauty about competition is that we the consumers end up benefiting from it. Competition puts everyone on their toes, reduces prices, improves customer service and most importantly brings about the introduction of new discounts and price cuts. The big question is; is Kwese TV the big dog we have all been waiting for?

About Kwese TV

Kwese TV

Kwese TV is said to be the redefinition of broadcasting in Africa, taking its audience beyond TV. The company is on a mission to provide affordable, premium content to audiences across the continent via Pay TV, Free-to-Air TV, and Digital platforms.

Though the brand has only officially launched in Ghana, Rwanda, and Zambia, its mobile app is fully operational worldwide. For those in Nigeria, you can however still get your decoder, dish, and installation for Kwese (check out the kwese TV website on for more information on this).

Ways To Watch Kwese

Kwese TV

There are currently 3 ways to watch your Kwese:

On Your TV

You can watch Kwese on your TV using the Kwese decoder. The Kwese decoder allows you to watch Live TV, record on a hard drive and catch up at your convenient time. Check the Kwese website for more info on how to get your Kwese decoder in Nigeria.

On The Go

Feel free to watch Kwese on the go by using its iOS or Android app, all you have to do is go to the app store and download the app to your smartphone or tablet and you will be able to stream live channels or catch up on other shows.


Finally, you could simply connect to the internet using your preferred device and watch directly on the Kwese website.

What Makes Kwese Different From The Rest?

Payment Options

Kwese offers a flexible payment option as compared to others, such options includes a three or seven days pay-as-you-watch service and the regular monthly subscription service.

Exclusive Content

Kwese is set to take the African market by storm by focusing on the production and delivery of numerous exclusive contents. Such contents which will not be available on any other platform will range from reality programs, business programs, sports programs, and lots more.

Some Channels To Expect On Kwese

Kwese TV

21 Exclusive Channels

These channels will include 11 custom made channels made exclusively for the African market, 6 third party channels never seen before in Africa (A+E/itv, DTX, DreamWorks, Centric/ZEE World Movies, Revolt and Viceland), and 4 well-known brands (Animal Planet, HIPTV, ESPN/KweseSports and NBAtv).

29 Non-exclusive Channels

The non-exclusive channels will include 11 well-known third party channels such as Fox, E!, JimJam, CBeeBies, IDX, Nat Geo CORE, Nat Geo WILD, Trace Gospel, Trace Mziki, Nickelodeon and AMC. It will also have 18 channels considered as “must haves”; they include 6 news channels and 12 entertainment channels.

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News Channels: SkyNews, BBC World News, Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, ChannelsTV, K24/KTN.

Entertainment Channels: African Movie Channels and AMC Series, CBS Reality, Fox Life, Discovery Science, Fashion One, FLN, LivingFoodz, MTV Base, FoxSports1 and BET Int’l.

Free To Air Channels

The free to air channels will include a Kwese owned channel and one in-country free-to-air broadcaster

Religious Channels

Under the religious channels will include Dove TV and Islam Channel.

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