Watch Kunle Afolayan’s Interview With European Who Believes in Yoruba gods


Ace Nigerian cinematographer and graduate of New York Film Academy, Kunle Afolayan, released an exclusive video of an interview he had with Gisele Omidarewa Cossard. The 92-year old woman is of European descent however, she was a priestess in Ifa and is well known as Iya Orisa.

The interview held in Rio, Brazil, where the religious leader, writer and anthropologist shares her view on Orisas (gods) and why she believes in them. Gisele was born on May 31, 1923 and has been a custodian of the Yoruba culture for a long time, believing in its values, richness and culture.

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In the interview, Gisele Omidarewa Cossard narrates how she became an Ifa priestess and how high she holds the African tradition. Meanwhile, Kunle Afolayan, who is from Kwara state and a free-thinker, also shares similar believes with Iya Orisa. The award-winning Nollywood film maker, actor and producer, over the years, has directed thrilling movies like ‘Figurine’, ‘October 1,’ “Phone Swap” and several others, which does not fail to portray the Yoruba culture, language, belief, attires and lifestyle.

All his movies are of high definition and cinema standard. No wonder he shared recently an Instagram post showing a mini cinema in his house. He says his passion for films and cinema led him to build a private cinema where his family and close friends can join him to preview his works aside watching other movies.

In the interview below, Kunle shows off streets of Rio while on his way to Ile Axe Yά Atarά Magbά, where the interview with Gisele Omidarewa Cossard took place. The Yoruba indegene introduced the video in his dialect, however, Iya Orisa spoke in English Language.

Watch the interview of Gisele Omidarewa Cossard by Kunle Afolayan:

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