16 Suspects Nabbed In France Over Kim Kardashian’s Jewelry Robbery


It’s good news for Kim Kardashian as some suspects relating to the France Jewelry Robbery has been caught this morning, 9th January 2017.

The suspects were nabbed after police raids in Paris, Normandy and French Riviera over gunpoint robbery of the reality TV star.

Recall that the jewelry robbery occurred in an exclusive apartment where Kim Kardashian West was staying during Paris fashion week in October 2016.

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The suspects, a number of them reportedly well-known to detectives for armed robbery, were picked up in coordinated early morning raids, most of them in the Paris region, but also in Normandy and the French Riviera.

Police had identified two of the suspects from fingerprints left at the luxury apartment from where Kardashian West had €9m (£7.8m) in jewels and valuables snatched during Paris fashion week, and immediately put them and their associates under surveillance. The oldest is said to be in his 60s.

French police said that traces of DNA left at the scene led to the arrests, detectives can hold them for questioning for up to 96 hours. The men were detained in early morning raids in the Paris region, Normandy and the French Riviera following three months of investigations.

“One of the DNA samples matched an individual known to police for robbery and criminal offenses,” police said.

Following the discovery, French police kept the man under surveillance, along with those he came into contact with.

Recall that Kim Kardashian West had a gun pointed at her and was tied up and left in the bath after several masked men with police markings on their jackets burst into her room at a private hotel in Paris’ exclusive 8th arrondissement.

The star was alone as her German bodyguard, Pascal Duvier, was out at a club with her sisters.

Video surveillance cameras showed five men arriving at the building where Kardashian West was staying at about 2.30am.

Thirty-six minutes later, the men were seen on CCTV leaving calmly in three groups: two walked away while three left on bicycles, one of them with a plastic bag believed to contain Kardashian West’s jewelry and mobile phones, hanging from the handlebars.

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The following day, a passerby discovered a platinum cross necklace decorated with diamonds and worth an estimated €30,000 that had been dropped by the robbers.

Hopefully, this unveiling of the culprits of the jewelry robbery will lead to Kim recovering some of her valuables.