Kim Jong-Un Bans Christmas In North Korea! Wants Them To Do This Instead…


North-Korean Leader, Kim Jong-Un Bans Christmas! See What He Wants Them To Do Instead…

For citizens of North Korea, there might not be as much as Christmas trees and Christmas carols going around.

North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un is urging his country’s Christians to forget Christmas.

Instead, the country’s ruler wants all to commemorate the death of his grandmother.

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Incidentally, Kim Jong-Un’s grandmother, Kim Jong-suk was born on 24th December, Christmas eve.

Kim’s late grandmother is considered in North Korea as “the Sacred Mother of the Revolution” due to her contributions as anti-Japanese guerrilla and activist.

She was the wife of North Korea’s first dictator, Kim Il Sung, and former leader Kim Jong Il’s mother.

With Kim Jong-Un’s ban on Christmas, instead of the usual Christmas-related festivities, North Koreans celebrated the holidays by visiting Jong-suk’s tomb.

Kim Jong-Un Bans Christmas In North Korea

Kim’s grandmother passed on in 1949 under very mysterious circumstances.

Kim Jong-un’s loathing for anything relating to religion and faith has been well-documented in the past.

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This was evidenced by his meltdown in 2014, after news that South Korea planned to erect a huge Christmas tree along the border.

The tree, however, was never put up amid threats of an all-out-war from the Supreme Leader.

Despite Kim’s displeasure towards nativity ornaments, a few Christmas trees can be found in the country’s capital of Pyongyang.

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Although the nativity ornaments remain completely devoid of any religious symbols.

Pyongyang used to have the largest Catholic community in North Korea, up until authorities clamped down on all Christian activities in the early 1950s.

Earlier this week, LKim Jong-Un also reportedly gave his soldiers diarrhea after feeding them with defective food.