Nemesis: Young Lady Identifies Her Kidnapper Inside Banking Hall


Most times, people who engage in vices seem to forget that everyday is for the thief, but one day is surely for the owner of the house. A twitter user, @connybush, shared a very interesting story of how a lady who escaped from the hands of kidnappers recently, identified one of her captors while she was in a bank and raised an alarm, attracting the attention of other bank customers as well as the management.

In a series of tweets, the person who told the story wrote:

“Okay, let me share this story that happened some weeks back.

“One woman saw one man inside the bank and started shouting calling him a kidnapper. She was seriously crying ppl now gathered and started asking her what happened. She said she was kidnapped a while back and he was one of the kidnappers and of all her kidnappers she remembers this one.

“She said with tears in her eyes that he used to come and “sex” her like 4-6 times a day. The guy was denying o, that he has never seen her before.

“She said she can never forget him that if they take off his trouser that there is a scar on his upper thigh. The Police were called and they took him and lo and behold the scar was there.

“The police checked his bank account and found 98 million naira in his account. He was sha taken to the kidnap unit of the Nigerian Police and the worst part is that he might probably bribe his way out.”

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The spate at which kidnappings take place in Nigeria has become a matter of national embarrassment. Hardly does a day go by without the sad news of persons abducted in gruesome circumstances. Today, anybody, weighed and considered worthy of attracting a ransom is a potential victim, be it a student or a toddler.

Consequently, many Nigerians are falling prey to marauding kidnappers who forcibly take people as hostage, while ordering payments for their freedom. This heinous crime has continued to increase in leaps and bounds despite the cries of Nigerians against it. Its growth is related to the fact that all shady characters have resorted to kidnapping a simple and quick money-making means.

Observers, without a shadow of a doubt, are of the opinion that the spate of kidnappings in Nigeria is a direct manifestation of frustration and anger occasioned by the economic decline which has left millions of ordinary citizens, particularly youths, jobless and without any meaningful means of earning an income.

It is, however, crystal clear that the multiplication of kidnappers is a proof of law and order failure in the country. Indeed, it is a sad reminder that the police and other security agencies have not sent a strong message revealing what lies in wait for the perpetrators of such heinous crime.

Kidnapping has assumed an epidemic proportion and it is unacceptable for any person irrespective of status, creed, or religion to be abducted so cheaply in any part of the country.