Africa Magic! Man Unleashes Swarm Of Bees To Recover His Stolen Bike, Attack Thief


Kenyan news sources have reported a bizarre incident in which a swarm of bees clung to a motorbike in Makueni County after a man sent them to recover his stolen motorcycle.

It was said that the aggrieved man from Makueni County whose motorcycle was stolen, was left with no choice than to consult a witch doctor on how it could be recovered. Soon after the encounter, the man somehow was able to summon a full swarm of bees and sent it searching for his missing property.

Eyewitnesses said the bees invaded the Kikima market in Mbooni Sub-County, Makueni County on Monday afternoon and a half of the swarm landed on the stolen motorbike while others were chasing the thief.

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Kenyan Man Sends Bees To Recover Stolen Bike, Attack Thief

The swarm of insects flew down on to a boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) operator’s motorbike, covering the handlebar, dashboard and gas tank after their queen bee got stuck in the bike’s handlebar, said Mr. Mwanzia, an eyewitness.

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They reportedly clung to the boda-boda for nearly an hour before flying away. The bees were said to have prevented strangers from getting close to the motorbike until the owner arrived and took it home.

The incident came days after another similar incident on Thursday morning when thousands of bees swarmed on to another bike for nearly two hours.

Although the strange incident gave rise to insinuations that witchcraft was involved, Area Assistant police, Chief Patrick Mwanzia quashed those claims, saying the incident was a consequence of nature.

With the kind of extremely bizarre stories emanating from Kenya these days, it will not be an error to say they are taking the lead when it comes to African voodoo. Just last week, an unidentified man came out begging for forgiveness after sleeping with a Luo man’s wife in Kenya.

According to Tuko News, the man’s manhood shifted to his knees after he had sex with the man’s wife. Many believe the man put a curse on his wife after finding out she was cheating.