Kenya Attacks Nigeria: You Must See These 9 Most Annoying Photos


Once in a while, things like this happen. When someone you know beyond doubts you’re better than is looking for a way to bring you down, he will employ all means, both real and unreal to ensure that you are undermined. That’s exactly the case here between Nigeria and Kenya. Kenyans just decided to give Nigerians a slap in the face. They just felt they could dare the giant of Africa. That is why they took to Nigeria’s position in the map of Africa to make a caricature of her.

See these annoying photos showing Nigeria as the Worst, they are Sure to make you hiss a hundred and one times:

NigeRear the AN*S of Africa vs Kenya the FACE of Africa


Nigerians are Voracious Dogs vs Kenyans are Real Nigg*z



Nigerians don’t give a damn about wrong spellings

Nigerians don’t give a damn about Family Planning


Nigerian girls are ugly from head to toe vs Kenyans are epitomes of beauty


Nollywood is a Washout and will never win an OSCAR


Nigerian Accent is a Minus

Mother Murder
father Fada
Google Gugu
concern consign
Arsenal As naa
Oil Oyiil
McDonald’s Magdonas
Safe Journey Save journey
Heat/hand – eat/and Eat/and – heat/hand
Teacher teasha

Only in Nigeria


Sports in Nigeria

Kenya-vs-NigeRear-12 (1)