Man Slaughters Only Sister, Buries Brother Alive In Abia State


The village of Umu­koroada in Okpuala Umugwor Autonomous Com­munity in Osisioma Ngwa Lo­cal Government Area of Abia State, has found its way to the national news but unfortunately, for the most bizarre reasons anyone could think of. A son of the community, Kenneth Nwanguma Agu, 32 years old, decided to popularise his hometown by slaughtering his 28-year-old sister, Esther, with a machete and trying to bury his younger brother, Kingsley, (30) and his friend, Ezekiel Chikwado Ajuga, alive, Authority reports.

Following a disclosure made by the maternal uncle of the siblings who did not want his identity disclosed, trouble started when shortly after the death of their father, late Mr. Sunday Nwanguma Agu, the trio began to struggle over who would take possession of the properties he left behind. He revealed that Kenneth started laying claim on the family house, a four-bedroom bungalow located in the village.

Every move made by Kingsley to obtain one room in the house was not successful and the efforts of their mother and Esther to convince Kenneth to release the room was also a flop. The relative explained that Kingsley was forced to relocate to the village following a mishap which befell his business in Abuja shortly after the father died hence, his need for a room to stay.

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According to their uncle;

“Kenneth Nwanguma ambushed Esther and hacked her to pieces in the night but before then, had earlier swooped on Kingsley and his friend, Ezekiel, tied them with rope and used a wheel barrow to push them down the bush in the village and buried them alive.

“It took the vigilance of villagers who passed by the bush on their way to fetch firewood to notice the freshly dug grave, to rescue Kingsley and Ezekiel. In his hurry, Kenneth left the wheel barrow at the scene and did not cover the emergency grave where he laid Kingsley and his friend well enough.

“On seeing the wheel barrow, the villagers felt that it is not normal for anybody to abandon such in the bush and on getting closer, they noticed some movements in the grave. The lucky duo were however rescued and rushed to a nearby hospital where they were treated.”

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On how Kenneth Nwanguma was able to succeed in tying down two men and driving them to the bush in a wheel barrow, the uncle said the family suspects he must have knocked them off through diabolical means.

The uncle could not hold back his surprise over the fact that Kenneth was left to escape after committing the utterly odious crime and no one had reported the case to the police to effect his arrest. He recalled that when he got the information on what was going on, he rushed down to Umuokoroada from Onitsha and met few villagers on the scene and took picture without anybody making attempt to arrest him or even report to the Police.

He added:

“To me, the whole thing is like a mystery. How did they allow him to escape? My sister who is their mother, is bed-ridden and could not make effort to defend her daughter but what about the neighbours? I think he applied diabolical means to blindfold everybody and did all he wanted to do.”

With the assailant, Kenneth Nwanguma still at large, he said that the villag­ers arrested his friend, Nso­gala and ordered him to produce Kenneth but Nsogala did not give any useful information on how to find Kenneth  and the villagers allowed him to go adding that Esther’s corpse was laid to rest after two days.

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