Kemi Afolabi’s Sickness and What Happened To Her

Kemi Afolabi suffers from a sickness known as Lupus which was first revealed towards the end of 2021. The Nigerian actress, director, and filmmaker (born 28 April 1978; age 46) receives treatment for the incurable ailment at John Hopkins Medicine in Maryland, US.

Kemi, who is famous for her roles in Gold Statue, The Wedding Planner, and Omotolani, was at a point said to be given 5 years to live. She has had her career weighed down by the ailment, but she continues to forge ahead.

How Kemi Afolabi’s Sickness was Diagnosed

Kemi Afolabi was diagnosed with Lupus in 2021. She had started experiencing shortness of breath and had to be placed on oxygen after some tests for about a month. The hospital flushed out the fluid blockage in her lungs, which also affected her heart.

She then had to undergo surgery to flush out the fluid blocking her respiratory system. Following this, Kemi went through several hospitals from her private hospital and then the Lagos state teaching hospital (LASUTH).

Subsequently, she moved to Army Barracks Hospital, and finally, Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), where she was at one point hospitalized for three months. Kemi’s sickness led to another test that was carried out in South Africa. It took about 2 weeks for the results to come back.

In late 2021, the mother of Darasimi Adesipe took to her Instagram to make mention of her condition. Marking her 44th birthday in April 2022, the versatile actress made reference to Lupus and how she had been coping with it.

What is Kemi’s Illness?

Lupus, the ailment that Kemi Afolabi suffers, is a condition medically termed Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). It is an inflammatory disease where the immune system reverses to attack its tissues and organs. Lupus may be a combination of hereditary and environment.

Kemi Afolabi’s sickness is a common medical condition for people within the age bracket of 19-40 but rare in people older than 40. The condition may affect the kidney, skin, heart, lungs, joints, blood cells, and even the brain.

Even though lupus currently has no cure, people suffering from it have can have a normal life expectancy rate unless the lupus symptoms become dire. Unlike the normal statical analysis of having a normal life span, Kemi Afolabi’s sickness, however, seems to be quite acute as per her revelations. Kemi claimed to have been given only a five years life expectancy rate left as of 2021.

In general, Lupus takes at least or nearly six years for the symptoms to manifest and the disease diagnosed.

What Caused Kemi Afolabi’s Sickness?

Lupus is generally caused by the combination of genes, hormones, and the environment. Sadly, the actress’ sickness is found in about 9 out of 10 people who may be females of African or African-American descent.

In addition, the gene plays a vital role as a significant probable cause of Lupus but is the main giveaway as a Lupus causing factor. Patients are usually required to give family medical history as some may have been born with it and others genetically manifested over time.

Away from natural causes, environmental causes or factors are crucial. Some of these factors are heavy use of toxins such as smoking, sunlight, and medical infections. One of the distinctive signs of Lupus is the presence of a wing-shaped skin lesion or rash around the nose and cheek area.

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Some symptoms that the actress’ condition may prominently cause are headaches, dizziness, seizures, loss or impairment of vision, and even as severe as stroke.

Kemi Afolabi is Receiving Treatment at John Hopkins Medicine, USA

On the 30th of June, 2022, Kemi announced the commencement of her treatment and the management of her condition at John Hopkins hospital in the USA. Before then, she was receiving treatment in Nigeria and was reported that she was on oxygen at a time. In addition, she made it known that she was getting tested for COVID-19 every 48 hours.

Since her diagnosis, Kemi Afolabi’s sickness has gained her a lot of attention and reactions from fans, friends, and colleagues such as Funke Akindele, Toyin Abraham, and Mercy Aigbe, amongst others who have come out to help her.

She also claimed to have sold her cars and property to cater for her large weekly medical bills. Many have come out to also wish her well and stand by her whilst her family has been very supportive. She was reported to have spent nothing less than a million already for her treatment.

Apart from seeking medical help, the Ogun State native was rumored to also have an interest in spiritual help. It was alleged visited that she visited the renowned Loveworld Incorporated Ministry, popularly called Christ Embassy, which is headed by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome.

Kemi, however, denied the allegation of going to the church for a miracle.

Has Kemi Afolabi Retired From Acting?

At the time of this writing, there is no formal message that Kemi Afolabi has retired from acting. Nevertheless, prior to her hospitalization, she had reported that she might be going off te scene due to her doctor’s advice.

The law school graduate had also been warded off strenuous activity and coming in contact with lighting from the set as Lupus is choicely photosensitive in some patients.

As a result of this, there are chances of Kemi’s health status deteriorating even further if she continues with her acting career due to the impact of ultraviolet (UV) radiation and stress from movie making.

Before the ailment, Kemi Afolabi had been in several movies. She started out her acting career in 2006 in a Yoruba movie, Oreke Mulero, and later Omo Mi. She has since risen to the ranks of stardom by featuring in movies and series such as:

  • Omotolani (2022)
  • The Wedding Planner (2022)
  • Mosadoluwa (2020)
  • Ete Moyin (2021)
  • Gold Statue (2019)
  •  Misguided (2019)
  • Taxi driver (2018)
  • Ayomi (2015)
  • Jenifa (2008)
  • Omo pupa (2008)
  • Obinrin Ale (2009)

Regardless, there are other famous celebrities who suffer the same disease as Kemi. Some of them include Lady Gaga, Selena Gomez, Toni Braxton, Nick Cannon, and Seal, amongst others.

In conclusion, Kemi Afolabi’s sickness is caused by several things, such as hereditary and toxins in the environment, among others. Despite receiving treatment in the United States, there is no cure. She can, however, receive treatment and may live a normal life. Whatever the case, there are several other celebrities that have the same sickness.


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