Kcee Net Worth – Another Look at The Singer’s Sources Of Income

Born Kingsley Chinweike Okonkwo, Kcee is a talented singer with a net worth of $5 million. As a result, he is ranked among the richest musicians in Nigeria.

However, even though Kcee is living lavishly at the moment, his beginning wasn’t all that smooth. During his formative years, he worked menial jobs to make ends meet. Still, with persistence and determination, he has established himself in the Nigerian music industry, which is unarguably the biggest in Africa.

It’s noteworthy that Kcee has acquired such a massive fortune through his thriving career in music and by working as an ambassador of many brands and equally getting involved in multiple business ventures that have proved productive. Hence, he has been accustomed to enjoying an extravagant lifestyle and hasn’t been shy to show off his riches on social media.

How Kcee Made His $5 Million Net Worth

The multi-award-winning singer gained his astounding net worth of $5 million from his successful efforts in the music industry and outside of music. Having been active in the industry for more than twenty years, it’s not surprising that he is widely considered as one of the wealthiest Nigerian music artists. Over the years, he has dropped hit singles and albums that have gained recognition in Nigeria and beyond.

Splitting from his longtime music partner, Presh, Kcee released his debut studio album ‘Take Over’ as a soloist in 2013. Since then, his music career has had an upward trajectory. His recent release, ‘Cultural Praise’ albums that became megahits, has helped solidify his financial status and help him attain widespread fame across the globe.

Here’s a sneak peek into Kcee’s diverse revenue streams that account for his impressive net worth.

He Has Made Big Bucks Through His Successful Music Career

After years of working odd jobs in secondary school, Kcee got acquainted with his former bandmate, Precious John, in a church choir in 1999. Afterward, the two put their music career to a get-go and formed a music duo called KC-Presh. While struggling to get recognized by the public, the duo participated in the maiden edition of the Star Quest TV reality show in 2002 and emerged as the winner. Following the victory, they got a cheque of 1 million and signed a four-year music contract with Kennis Music, the biggest record label in Nigeria at the time.

Later in 2006, the duo left the record label and established theirs, KP records. After 12 years together, they released 6 albums and smash songs such as ‘Sio Nkpo’ and ‘Shokori Bobo,’ Kcee and Presh decided to go their separate ways in 2011 and subsequently kicked off their solo careers. Although Kcee first came to the limelight for his works as one-half of KC-Presh, he has since dominated the music industry releasing numerous hit songs. They include ‘Limpopo’ (2013), ‘Pullover’ ft Wizkid (2013), ‘Fine Face’ (2014), ‘Love Boat’ ft Diamond Platnumz (2015), ‘Billion Squad’ (2018), ‘Erimma’ ft Timaya (2019), and ‘Cultural Praise’ album series (2021).

He has thus far released 7 studio albums as a solo artist, which include ‘Take Over’ (2013), ‘Attention to Detail’ (2017), ‘Cultural Praise Vol. 1’ (2020), and ‘Cultural Praise Vol. 2 – Vol. 5’ (2021). Besides music sales, Kcee has augmented his net worth in the past years with performances at music events and festivals, YouTube streaming, hosting of shows, and paid collaborations with local and international artists. Even though how much he has earned from the sales of his music is yet to be made public, most of Kcee’s smash singles have gained thousands and millions of views on YouTube.

Kcee’s Best Songs and Their YouTube Views

  • Erimma ft. Timaya (over 5.8 million)
  • Love Boat ft. Diamond Platnumz (over 3.5 million)
  • Feel It ft. Iyanya and Harrysong (over 3.5 million)
  • Boo ft. Tekno (over 2.1 million)
  • Limpopo (over 1.8 million)
  • Isee ft. Anyidons (over 1.5 million)
  • Pullover ft. Wizkid (over 930K)
  • Cultural Praise Vol. 3 with Okwesili Eze Group (over 600K)

He Has Signed Lucrative Endorsement Deals

Having garnered huge popularity with his style of music, which is a mixture of soul, RnB, punk, and highlife, Kcee has attracted many brands that have offered him remunerative endorsement deals. Unarguably, his classic fashion sense has equally paved the way for him to land the deals, including:

  • The partnership deal with giant telecoms company MTN in June 2013.
  • Renewal of his endorsement deal with MTN in 2015.
  • Kcee signed a deal with a soft liquor company, Magnum, in 2015.
  • Patience Jonathan, the wife of the former president of Nigeria – Goodluck Jonathan, appointed him as a Peace Ambassador.
  • He also serves as a brand ambassador of the airline company Air Peace.

Other Businesses Kcee Earns From Outside Music

In 2009, Kcee boosted his net worth with earnings from a furniture business he ventured into that year. However, with the business not becoming profitable, he eventually abandoned it to concentrate on his music career. The ‘Fine Face’ singer has a stake in Five Star Group owned by his younger brother, E-Money, which oversees the operations of Emmy Cargo and Shipping Services Nigeria Limited and the media, manufacturing, and oil and gas subsidiaries.

He signed with his brother’s record label, Five Star Music, in 2013 and reportedly became the company’s vice president, a company which is said to have a valuation of over ₦500 million. Undoubtedly, the earnings from Five Star Group greatly contributes to Kcee’s net worth. The singer, however, hasn’t rested on his laurels as he moved on to ply his trade in the hospitality industry by opening The Platino Hotel under the Five Star outfit. He ought to be earning thousands of Naira, if not millions, from his multiple income sources annually.

Highlights of Kcee’s Income Sources

  • Music sales
  • Performances at events and concerts/Tours
  • YouTube Streaming
  • Endorsement deals
  • Business ventures

Did E-money’s Wealth and Influence Make Kcee The Star He is? 

Following his split with Precious John, Kcee signed with E-money’s record label, Five Star Music. Even though the music label was founded in 2010, it wasn’t popular with the public until Kcee became one of its recording artists and released several hit singles under the label. The singer first released his debut single as a soloist, ‘Okpekete’ feat. Davido in 2013. That same year, he was catapulted to stardom with the release of ‘Limpopo,’ which got him nicknamed “The Limpopo Master.”

The song landed him The Headies’ Song of the Year Award in 2013, and its album, ‘Takeover’ won him Hip Hop World Revelation of the Year Award at the 2014 Headies Awards. Before E-Money became affluent, Kcee had already started thriving in the Nigerian music industry. However, since entering a partnership venture with his brother’s record label, he became a superstar, and it seems to have benefitted the two.

Who is Worth More Between Kcee and E-money

With his over-the-top generosity, E-Money came out of the blues to dominate the Nigerian entertainment industry. His net worth runs in tens of millions of dollars as he is reportedly worth $30 million, while Kcee has an estimated total wealth of $5 million. Asides from being the owner of the Five Star Group, which is the major source of his wealth, the young billionaire also has stakes in companies in the oil and gas sector and the real estate industry.

In addition, he is a shareholder in Cubana Group. His manufacturing subsidiary produces consumer goods like sweet corn, coconut milk, and tomato paste. With such staggering net worth, E-Money, also known as Arab Money, is one of the youngest billionaires in Nigeria.

Insight Into The Limpopo Master’s Luxury Lifestyle 

Over the years, Kcee has become quite popular for his extravagant lifestyle, which constantly gets the attention of media outlets. He often spends his wealth on expensive things, ranging from cars to wristwatches and stud earrings. Interestingly, the latter is his most valuable fashion piece as he owns more than 30 stud earrings, with each of them valued at over ₦1 million.

In addition, he previously had a Hublot wristwatch valued at $3,000 which he donated for a charitable cause in 2013. Having made massive wealth from his flourishing career, Kcee has two opulent mansions; one in Lekki, Lagos, and the other in his hometown, Uli in Anambra State.

The state-of-the-art houses are worth millions of dollars, as they are mostly gold-themed and furnished with expensive household items. Additionally, Kcee’s fleet of expensive cars worth more than ₦100 million.

Some of the luxury cars found in his garage and their price:

  • Mercedes G5S AMG (Birthday gift from E-Money) – worth over ₦35 million
  • Gold plated Cadillac Escalade – worth over ₦25 million
  • Toyota Land Cruiser – worth over ₦30 million
  • Range Rover Sport – worth over ₦25 million
  • BMW 7 Series – worth over ₦28 million


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