Say What?! Kanye West Declares, ‘I Would Have Voted For Trump!’


While some cry babies are still mourning over loss of Hillary Clinton at the US Presidential election, the African-American hip hop superstar, Kanye West just deposited another smack-down blow to fans who came to watch his performance in California.

According to a CNN report, the famous musician revealed to his astound audience that he didn’t cast a vote in the presidential election earlier this month, but if he did, he “would have voted for Trump.”

See video below:

Recall that fans urge Kanye West to contest for US President 2020 in aftermath of Trump’s win, as consolation for not having their choice candidate, Clinton as president.

The singer on Thursday night declared the slightly-too-late endorsement for Trump amidst songs during his show at the SAP Center in San Jose, but a large section of the audience booed the singer. And as expected, fans lashed out on Twitter to vent their frustration with the singer’s political position.

Here are their comments:

Many believe the rapper is more prone to gaining more fame with such declaration. Another fan wrote: This isn’t surprising. Kanye loves sensationalism and wants influence — two things that Trump possesses.

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After the out-of-the-blue support for Trump, West went further to launch several speeches on the subject throughout the evening, claiming that he loved Trump’s debate style, liked how he forced racists to reveal themselves and that this was just the beginning.

Kanye West also reiterated his desire to become US President someday. According to him, celebrities are “the new philosophers” and have just as much right and likelihood to hold office as politicians.