Kanye West Is Finally On Instagram, Gets 1M Followers In 24 Hrs


Being rated as one of the baddest rappers in the world, and married to the Queen of Instagram, one would assume that Kanye West is also the King of the social media app.

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Surprisingly, Kanye decided to join Instagram over the weekend after ignoring it for reasons best known to him. Being who he is, the power of his fame and influence attracted 1 million followers on his IG page less than 24 hours after he joined.

Kanye West on InstagramThe rapper once hinted in March this year on Twitter, where he has over 26million followers, that he is planning on joining Instagram but on some conditions. The conditions include; no one tells him what to post and how to post because it’s his arts.

Not a surprise, though, Kanye West shared his first post on Sunday 18th September, on his verified IG account; a picture of a car beaming its headlights beside a pyramid. The picture was neither tagged nor captioned [maybe he doesn’t know how the app works or just decided to keep the world guessing what the post was all about.]

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Notwithstanding, the captionless post now has 58k comments and 38k likes. His fans are excited to see him on the platform, some requesting he follows back, but with his million followers, he is following no one, not even his wife, Kim who is the only one he follows on Twitter. What a weirdo!

Welcome to Instagram Kanye! The world is waiting for you to engage your followers with your ‘interesting arts.’