Kano State Censor Board Jails Singer For Releasing Song Without Their Approval


Kano Musician Jailed For Releasing His Song Without The Approval of Kano State Censor Board.

A Kano-based singer, Sadiq Zazzabi has ben detained in jail on the orders of the state censors board for not following the due process before releasing his music.

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According to Premium Times, the chairman of the Kano State Censorship Board, Ismaila Afakallahu confirmed the arrest and said that Sadiq Zazzabi would remain in detention until Friday 3rd March before he would be taken to court.

Kano State Censorship Board, Ismaila Afakallahu says:

“Yes he actually brought the song for censorship and before we can grant him a certificate of approval, he went ahead to launch the song.

“For doing that he has faulted the censors board rule and we are charging him for that. ‘Censoring a movie or song can take up to three weeks or more depending on the complexity of the song or film.”

In October 2016, a similar experience happened to Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau who got expelled by the Hausa film association for appearing in a romantic music video.

Sadua was ex-communicated from her movie community and although a lot of her fans raised their displeasure on the issue, she is yet to be recalled into the fold and has moved on with her career.

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The entertainment body in the Northern part of the country are more strict when it comes to the output of their works unlike other entertainers across the country.

The Kannywood for example, which is the Hausa-language film industry of Northern Nigeria, mainly based in Kano, do not condone indecent dressing and explicit sex-suggestive audios and visuals.

However, most of the Nigerian movies and musical videos currently on air do not take cognisance to all that censorship protocol as the visuals are evident to that fact.

On the part of Sadiq Zazzabi, the singer insists that his arrest by the censor board was politically motivated as he was loyal to the former governor of the state, Rabiu Kwankwaso, a claim that the current Kano state administration denies.

Watch the video that got him arrested.

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