Mourinho’s First Interview Since Sack Hints At Chelsea Problems


Some probes has finally gotten an interview with the former Chelsea coach, Josh Mourinho since sack from Chelsea, because other than his media appearances in support of presidential candidates (Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa who won the elections a couple weeks ago), and in England to back UEFA secretary general Gianni Infantino in his candidacy for FIFA president, both in his home country of Portugal, Jose Mourinho has been absent from public spotlight since his sacking by Chelsea in December 2015.

According to GQ Magazine, who probed into what the Portuguese has been doing since sack from Chelsea, Mourinho was caught up for an interview during his test drive of Jaguar. 

Jaguar is signing off its widely anticipated new cross-over, the F-Pace (Jaguar’s first-ever SUV), and Jose Mourinho was there to try it on a 50cm thick frozen lake.


He told GQ magazine, who did not say when the interview took place,

At this moment I don’t have a job, and I don’t know where football will take me, because in football you never know. But for sure, as a family, our home will still be England, our home will be in London. But obviously I am ready to move. As a professional, I am ready to move, especially because football in London for me, in terms of clubs… I think it is clear that I have to move.

From his utterances about how well he does his job as a coach, Mourinho may have hinted on what must have gone wrong at Chelsea.

He suggested that he deliberately created “instability” among players once they won trophies, to avoid any complacency.

If you are in a club that wins, if you want to win again you have to create instability in the winners, 

The Portuguese technician, who was fired by Chelsea after a run of poor form by the champions, added,

You have to make them doubt, you have to buy new players, you have to make them feel not in their comfort zone.

There is a normal tendency to go to your comfort zone. If you don’t react, if you believe that just because you won in one year that you are going to win again, it’s very difficult.

He said of his current unemployment,

No, I am not enjoying it. I can have everything I love at the same time. I can have my family, I can have my friends, I can have my quiet life, which I also like, and I can have my football… I can have everything together and I don’t need to give up on one of them. To be fully happy I need everything, so I go back to football. I think it’s my natural habitat. I have worked since I can remember, and as a manager since 2000. I stopped when I left Chelsea in 2007, for a few months, and now is the second time I stop in 15 or 16 years, so it is not a drama. But for sure, I will be back soon.

Recall:  Josh Mourinho was sacked at the club’s training ground after attending the ­players’ Christmas lunch – along with his assistants Rui Faria, Silvino Louro, Jose Morais and Carlos ­Lalin.

Mourinho also admits he hasn’t learned anything there is to learn in football, he says:

Even in football, which is an area in which I feel I am an expert, I am never perfect and I will always learn. Sometimes in my work, and also in private life, maybe people think I am not humble. But I am so humble, and I am always ready to learn from people who know more than me.

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Sources: GQ and Weaintgotnohistory