New Intelligence Report Again Links Jonathan To N/Delta Avengers


A new intelligence report has again linked former president Goodluck Jonathan to the Niger Delta Avengers, despite his denial.

It would be recalled that a splinter group, Reformed Niger Delta Avengers had accused the former president of being one of the sponsors of the militants, although the former president denied this.

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According to a top government official who spoke in confidence to reporters, the intelligence report reveals that the Niger Delta Avengers was formed as a plan B before the 2015 elections and that some of the oil installations bombed in the Niger Delta had actually been mined while President Jonathan was in power, by some of the militants and operatives known to be very close to him.

Joint Niger Delta Liberation Force

The Avengers were to launch an independent Niger Delta Republic after Jonathan’s defeat but the former president later prevailed on the group to stop the move. However, the group resurfaced after President Muhammadu Buhari launched a massive probe into the financial mismanagement in the oil sector.

Hear him:

“We have intelligence report that it is true that the ex-President has been meeting with the NDA militants before the general election.

“The initial plan was to declare Niger Delta Republic after Jonathan’s electoral loss but the NDA members were taken aback when the ex-President conceded.

“Findings confirmed that the ex-President and others being probed, resuscitated the NDA plan when the Federal Government initiated a probe into the oil sector.

“We suspect that the ex-President is afraid that the way the investigation in the oil industry was going, he and his wife will be questioned.

“The fact that some of the conditions  put forward by the NDA, including not going after Government Ekpemuopolo Tompolo, and stopping investigation of all corruption probes, have confirmed some of the intelligence…”

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The report also revealed that  it was the intervention of the former president that actually stopped the militants from the symbolic announcement to declare a republic earlier this month.

Goodluck Jonathan could not actually be reached to comment for this story as he either answered nor returned his calls.

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