Sex Scandal: Johnson Suleiman Threaten Church Members Who Don’t Believe His Innocence


General Overseer of Omega Fire Ministries (OFM) Worldwide, Apostle Johnson Suleiman who is currently entangled in a sex scandal has threatened to disengage active members of his church who do not believe in him.

The controversial Pastor said this during a church service describing some of his members who don’t believe he is innocent of the allegations as “demons.” Hear him:

“There are things when Christians hear, I am sorry to say that even some members of this our church, they are having double minds.

“Members here, please mark those members, if they are in departments remove them, because those are demons. You see me every day and somebody can tell you certain things?”

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Meanwhile, the Northern Christian Youth Network (NCYN), have thrown in their support for the man of God, saying Apostle Johnson Suleiman’s travails were politically motivated.

Speaking on Wednesday, March 15, the NYCN secretary, Mr Yunana Jacob said: “We have no doubt that from the events of the past weeks, that some people are under tremendous pressure to frame Apostle Suleiman.”

Furthermore, the group said they were slow to react to the unfolding drama because they were shocked when the news first broke, but realized, after thorough investigation, that politics was at the heart of Apostle Suleiman’s travails. They stressed that “the life of any human being, including Apostle Suleiman’s, is in the hands of God.”

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Recall that one Miss Stephanie Otobo had accused the Omega Fire Ministries General Overseer, Apostle Johnson Suleiman of infidelity. She even went further to allege that the Pastor had a threesome with her and a Nollywood actress, Daniella Okeke.

In recent development, Ms Otobo who insists her allegations are true has said that if Apostle Johnson Suleiman keeps on denying the fact that he had an affair with her, God will expose him.

Speaking on TV Continental on Wednesday, Otobo said that she had petitioned the police demanding a compensation and a public apology from Apostle Johnson Suleiman for all the ‘humiliation’ she has gone through. She further claimed that she was fighting for her right because he was guilty of her allegations.

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“I think things didn’t go according to his plan because God is God. Nobody can be God. When there is God. The day I was talking to him recently, he was like, ‘Did I put a gun on my fore head to sleep with me”?

“I am just fighting for my right because he did it, He must have done this to women and gotten away with it. He needs to ask for his own mercy because he did it. If he keeps denying it, God will expose him and I know that. I want a public apology for all this humiliation,” she said.