Double Abuse! 12-Year-Old House Help Raped By Oga Johnbull Dike, Subjected To Abortion


A couple decided to cover up the crime committed against a 12-year-old girl by taking her to where she’ll have an abortion after she was reportedly impregnated by her aunt’s husband, identified as Johnbull Dike, following series of rape.

The victim identified only as Favour was rescued  by the police in the Mafoluku, Oshodi area of Lagos State, where her aunt and the husband, identified as Johnbull Dike, were said to have taken her to get rid of the pregnancy.

According to Punch, Favour, who was discovered to be four months pregnant, had been allegedly raped on many occasions by the suspect in January 2016.

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The suspect, Johnbull Dike, a father of three, and Happiness, however, found out that Favour was pregnant in February, after which they took her to Mafoluku to stay with their trader friend in order to conceal the atrocity. However, the woman was said to have brought Favour back to the couple in April, saying she could not afford to take care of her.

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Desperate to hide the evil deed, the couple who are residents of Brown Street, took the girl to a nurse on Sunmola Street, Mafoluku, on Wednesday, May 4, to get rid of the pregnancy. But some residents gave a tip-off to a child rights’ group, Child Protection Network, which involved the police, leading to the arrest of Johnbull Dike’s wife and the nurse who was caught during the abortion, by the Akinpelu Police Division.

Johnbull Dike
Mr. Johnbull Dike Impregnates 12-Year-Old House Help, Sponsors Abortion.

While Favour was put in police’s care, a manhunt was launched for Dike, a tricycle rider, who fled the area after the police rescued the girl.

At the police station, Mrs. Happiness revealed that her husband, Mr.  Johnbull Dike, had fled from the house since the day of her arrest. She said:

“He has not called me since that day. His phone numbers are also switched off.”

On a visit to the area, a worker with the Child Protection Network, Ebenezer Omejalile, said Favour did not tell her aunt about the rape, because the suspect had allegedly threatened to kill her if she did. Hear him:

“The case was brought to my attention by a community development committee secretary in Oshodi, Mr. Mamora. The victim was raped and impregnated by her aunt’s husband.

“I went to see the girl at the place where the aunt had taken her with the connivance of a nurse to abort the pregnancy. The girl underwent a scan before the abortion. It was a failed process because she began to bleed at the nurse’s place. The police were informed on that Wednesday and the two women were arrested, while Johnbull fled.

“The policemen took Favour to a proper hospital to get rid of the remaining foetus. As it is, the suspect is on the run because he knew that the girl is with the police.”

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A police source however disclosed that Happiness had been granted bail because her last child had an infection and needed her attention. She said,

“Our investigation shows that the nurse is a quack. She is not trained and she proceeded to do abortion for a 12-year-old girl. The suspect’s wife has a two-year-old son who is being treated for an infection. So, she has been granted bail.

“She did not deny that they wanted to abort the pregnancy. The story they painted to the nurse was that the girl was raped by an unidentified hoodlum.