Top 5 Successful Job Hunting Tips that Work in Nigeria

Finding a job today is more difficult than ever. In fact, it has become a job in itself. Job opportunities in Nigeria are ever dwindling and only smart job hunters can succeed. The problem is compounded by the fact that many professionals are being released every day into the Nigerian job market making competition for the available opportunities even stiffer, hence making job search in Nigeria such a rigorous exercise.

However, with the correct approach, it is possible to find a suitable job of your dream in a relatively short time and without much stress. Whether you are entering the job market, looking for a career change or searching for greener pastures, the following top 5 Successful Job Hunting Tips that Work in Nigeria will deliver you an unequivocal success.

Your CV should not only represent your academic achievements and experiences, it must also captivate the prospective employer. This means that the CV has to be different from others and attention catching. It needs to demonstrate that you are skilled and talented in things like teamwork, planning and creativity. You also need to ensure that the information on the CV is correct, genuine and verifiable, as this will build trust. The internet is abuzz with information on how to write good CV and the kind of CVs that most employers are looking for. Take the advantage, research and come up with a killer resume that your prospective employer will find irresistible.

2. Go for unadvertised vacancies

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New trend Nigerian companies are developing in their hunt for new employees and that does not involve public announcement of the job opportunities available. Instead of publicly advertising the positions, they do their headhunt by word-of-mouth or carrying out internal recruiting among the available employees. These are the best companies to hunt for a job in.

Finding a way to position yourself in a place where you can contend for the roles can give you a head start in finding the best job and easily. It may be difficult to do this if you are outside the company. Nevertheless, it is still achievable. Make it a habit of talking to long serving employees of such companies and you could just be lucky that they know something about upcoming recruitment.

3. Let the employer find you

With the current widespread use of the internet by companies, chances are that they are hunting for employees over the internet. Usually, companies or employers do recruiting among senior employees in managerial positions. However, this is not always the case. At times, they search online for new employees who can do the job. If you had your CV online, the employer’s search criteria may make him or her stumble on your CV. If your CV is impressive then chances are that you may be considered for an interview. Doing this will save his time because of easy access to your details. For you as the job seeker, it will save you the trouble of having to search for jobs through adverts.

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4. Choose the right company

People enter the job market with high expectations. If you were to ask most people looking for jobs in Nigeria, they would tell you that they want a high paying job in a big position. To get such a position, you will have to go for a small company that does not offer much to do with job security and career development. To be successful in your job hunt in Nigeria, you need to be smart. Look for a large, established organization that you can be sure will offer you the best job security and clear career path. Trust yourself and send your applications to these organizations. Being large, such companies also have more job opportunities and you may even find one that is not advertised.

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5. Create a network

A common saying is that for you to succeed in anything in Africa, you need to “know people who know people.” To have a successful job search in Nigeria, you need to “know people who know people” In simple terms, you need to network with people who are in a good position to help you develop your career prospects. Even if you do not have good social skills, you can still network just by keeping your ears open to what is going around you and asking questions. With the development of social media, networking is even easier and covers a wide area. In fact, you can have friends from all over Nigeria and they can act as your ears should any job opportunity arise. Take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Gmail among other social media to create a network and hunt for job through it.


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