I Didn’t Ban Terry G’s Song, DJ’s Association Did – Jimmy Jatt


Following Terry G’s unpleasant banter with DJ Jimmy Jatt and his intern, which led to the banning of his music on air, the foremost disc jockey says he wasn’t the one who placed the ban.

According to Jimmy Jatt, the association of Nigerian DJ were responsible for putting an embargo on Terry’s songs. DJ Jatt also stated that the incident has sent a strong signal to Terry G and other musicians, creating an awareness of the existence of a vibrant DJ association that can not be overlooked.

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Expressing his satisfaction that the association of Nigerian DJs would henceforth be taken seriously, following Terry G‘s rude behaviour, he said in Punch publication.

“The incident has sent a strong signal that there is a vibrant DJ association. Some other things have happened in the past that people have done and they got away with them but that would not happen again because an action has to be taken.

“For anybody that would not want an army of DJs to come after them, it would be in your interest not to look down on any DJ either established or up and coming.

“I am glad where the industry is today even though we have not gotten to the promised land yet. We have come a long way.

“This used to be a profession that people shunned but now parents are now proud to say that their children are disc jockeys. If you check the calibre of people coming in, it is enough to be proud about. There is still a lot to be done.

“There was not really any problem between Terry G and I. It was just the DJ association that placed a ban on his music but the ban has now been lifted. From our side, the initial reaction was that we demanded for a public apology and he has done that.

“Terry G went further to come to my office to apologise to the DJ and myself. He also went as far as meeting with some members of the association and I think that is what convinced them to lift the ban. To err is human and to forgive is divine, so it was just fair for them to lift the ban against him.”

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Having lifted the ban placed on all Terry G’s music as the consequence of him slapping DJ Phreez, Jimmy Jatt is of the view that the strength of the turntable specialists’ association will no longer be underestimated.

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