Japanese Man Stabs Son To Death For This Trivial Reason


It’s quite shocking how some parents reason. A man in Japan, Kengo Satake, allegedly stabs his son, Ryota, to death because he didn’t study enough for his upcoming examination.

According to the report, the Japanese man has been arrested while his 12-year-old son lays lifeless in the mortuary.

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Kengo Satake allegedly stabbed Ryota, an elementary school student, in the chest with a kitchen knife in their apartment in the central city of Nagoya on Sunday morning.

The son was confirmed dead from loss of blood an hour later. “I stabbed him as he did not study,” the 48-year-old father told the police. Satake wanted his son to pass an entrance examination for the same private junior high school in Nagoya from which he had graduated from.

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Recently in Japan, there has been an “exam war” for students to get into prestigious schools as more parents push their children to take entrance examinations for reputable junior high schools. Unfortunately, Ryota will only be attending the supposed ‘private school’ in the world beyond, thanks to his paranoid father.

Similarly, last month, a 17-Year-Old Nigerian Student, Fola Orebiyi, was stabbed to death in London (Notting Hill), by a gang of youths on bike, after he had successfully escaped them initially.

Fola, who was studying at Chelsea Academy and had completed his GCSES, was killed at Holland Park in front of horrified tourists and passers-by.

According to eyewitnesses, the fight broke out in a nearby estate before Fola was chased into the busy road where he was attacked. He was trying to protect a friend over a silly beef which turned into a violent fight.

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Reports say Fola was stabbed in the neck and passersby tried to help the teenager as he staggered down the busy road after which he eventually collapsed outside a shop.

Police and paramedics tried to resuscitate him for a long time but to no avail. However,  the police were able to arrest two boys from the gang in connection to Fola’s death. May the souls of the stabbed boys rest in peace!