JAMB e-Facility Portal: How To Login and Check UTME Admission Status

The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board is a notable body that regulates the admission of candidates into tertiary institutions. JAMB, in recent times, has embraced technological advancements, which led to the introduction of the e-Facility portal. The e-Facility portal serves as JAMB’s central reporting system. It allows its candidates access to perform certain functions, including checking UTME results, uploading O’level results, confirming O’level result uploads, etc.

What Is the JAMB e-Facility Portal?

This is one of the official online platforms created by JAMB to enable anticipated JAMB applicants to access admission status, print results, and know the examination center. The process is part of the requirements given by JAMB to applicants before proceeding with other aspects of the admission search. However, to use the portal, the candidate must register or have a profile with the portal before requesting an E-Pin.

How Can One Login To The JAMB e-Facility Portal?

The login process of the portal is straightforward, but it requires a few steps before having the username and password for login. Like with every other well-secured portal, you will be required to register as a user before you can log into the portal. Therefore, we would like to take you through the registration or profile creation process of the Portal before granting you login access.

How to Sign Up for the JAMB e-Facility Portal

The board has come up with a new method of registering on the JAMB portal. This method demands that the candidates create a profile on the portal, which can be done through three different methods. A candidate can register on the portal using the SMS method, the JAMB mobile app, or the website.

Why Is It Necessary To Have A JAMB Profile?

Jamb e-Facility portal

This process of registering on the JAMB portal is very important as it helps the board capture all the details of a candidate. With the portal, candidates can register for the JAMB exam and view their examination centers. This is possible as all the required information is expected to have been uploaded on the portal before registering for the JAMB exam.

The JAMB e-Facility portal also helps the candidate access their UTME score and know their admission status. The portal is user-friendly as the registration is very fast and easy.

How to Register on the JAMB Portal via SMS

This is a quick means of registering on the JAMB e-Facility portal. Below are the step-by-step means of achieving this registration.

  • Send an SMS stating your surname, first name, and middle name to 55019 through your phone
  • The names should be listed as described and must be separated from each other with the space key
  • A charge of N50 will be deducted from your mobile recharge account
  • A number can not be used by more than one candidate
  • A confirmation code of 10-digit numbers will be sent to the number used to send the SMS
  • In the event of a lost confirmation code, the candidate should use the same number used in the previous registration and send ‘Resend’ to 55019
  • Also, when there is an error in the names, the candidate can resend the SMS using the format ‘Correct’ to 55019

How to Register on the JAMB Portal Through the Website

Jamb e-Facility portal

The website is user-friendly and provides a fast way of registering. Below are the quick steps to registering for the JAMB e-Facility through the website.

  • Log in to the JAMB e-Facility website or click here
  • Provide your e-mail address, ensure it is not a Yahoomail as the candidates always experience delays in mail delivery
  • Select a secret question to answer. Your answer stands as your password
  • Tap on the verify email section. In a few seconds, an email will be sent to your provided e-mail address
  • Access the sent email from your mailbox
  • Tap the section that states, ‘click here to continue your profile creation’
  • Your account will be verified, and the username and password confirmed
  • In the mail sent, there is a confirmation code that will be used during the CBT registration

How To Register On The JAMB Portal Through The JAMB Mobile App

Most of the time, students prefer to run the registration for the JAMB portal using their phones. This is made possible because of the introduction of the JAMB mobile app. To successfully register on the JAMB e-Facility platform using the mobile app, follow the steps provided below:

  • Log in to Google Play Store using your phone or click here
  • Scroll to the search section and type in the JAMB mobile e-facility app
  • On the app, click on ‘Sign up’
  • Put in your email address
  • Confirm the email address on the second input
  • Choose a security question that you must always have in mind
  • Give an answer that you will not easily forget
  • Repeat the answer for confirmation and tap continue
  • Create your password and repeat for confirmation
  • Input the details in the open box, including the date of birth, country, state of origin, and local government
  • Finally, click on ‘sign up’

Steps To Login To The JAMB e-Facility Portal

At this point, the candidate has obtained the username and password to login into the JAMB e-Facility portal. Below are the required quick steps to log in to the JAMB portal:

  • Access the JAMB e-Facility website or click here
  • Enter the email address used during registration, which is the username
  • Insert your password, which is given at the CBT center
  • Tap the login button to access the platform

In the case of a loss of password, candidates can retrieve their password through the following steps:

  • Go to the JAMB e-Facility website
  • Click on the password section
  • Input your email in the password section to reset the password
  • A password will be sent to your email address to initiate the password reset

Candidates can also reset the JAMB e-Facility password through SMS. Send an SMS using the same number used to register for the JAMB password—for example, Password to 55019.

How To Check UTME Admission Status On JAMB e-Facility Portal

This is one of the major reasons for creating the e-Facility portal. Candidates are expected to check their admission status from time to time. To successfully check your admission status, kindly follow the procedures listed below:

  • Visit the JAMB e-Facility portal or click here
  • Enter the username and password
  • Scroll down to check the admission section
  • From the option, input your exam year and the registration number
  • Click on “Check Admission.” The admission status will display

When JAMB CAPS Shows ‘No Admission Yet,’ What Next?

Jamb e-Facility portal

The candidate should wait and keep checking as this doesn’t mean that the admission is denied. Except when the university has released the final admission batch, the status is still showing ‘No Admission Yet.” Then the candidate can start preparing for the next JAMB to perform better than the previous one. “No Admission Yet” can mean the following:

  • The school has not given JAMB their admission list to upload
  • The candidate didn’t make it on the released batch of the admission list
  • O’level results have not been uploaded by the candidate
  • The candidate is not admitted

When JAMB CAPS Shows You Have Been Offered Admission, What Next?

This means that the candidate has been offered admission to the university. Some students get confused, not knowing the next action to take. Below are the necessary things expected to be done by the student:

  • Accept or reject the admission
  • Print out your JAMB admission letter as well as your original JAMB result
  • To accept admission, the candidate should visit the institution’s website that offers admission
  • Print the admission letter from the institution’s website
  • Do your documentation first before paying the school fees


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