Saturday Mornings At Jabi Lake Park Abuja: Here Is All You Need To Know


Every Saturday as early as 6 am thousands of Abuja residents are up and ready to head to Jabi Lake Park all for the communal interest of keeping fit and socializing with like minded individuals.

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The fitness lifestyle and community is becoming a major trend worldwide. Individuals are increasingly getting aware and concerned about their health and daily lifestyle patterns. Keeping up with the trend, Nigeria’s capital “Abuja” is on a path to leading the country on this positive lifestyle movement.

How It Goes Down

It’s amazing how cars are lined up in hundreds on both sides of the road, stretching as far down to the end of the park’s fence and even further down. There are all sorts of activities available to engage in and if for some reason there is nothing that interests you, there is enough space and individuals ready for you to start your own preferred activity.

Jabi Lake Park – Activities Available

Thanks to the space available at the park, there are numerous activities available for everyone to engage in. Such activities include football, badminton, skating, gym sessions, dance classes, kickboxing, taekwondo, yoga, horse riding, aerobics, table tennis, pool, bike riding, and lots more.

There are also various store owners who set up various mini shops around the park; selling essentials such as sports shoes, helmets and various tools and equipment needed to give your experience an extra touch.

Feel free to come with an empty stomach, as there are various healthy food and drink stands also available. At the park, you can get some freshly blended juice, light chops, water and even some weighty menu for those looking to have a heavy meal.

Communities At The Park

Saturday mornings at the park are also favorites for several communities such as churches, non-profit organizations and prayer groups just to list a few. Some companies come down with their employees to engage in team building activities, while other individuals come to mingle and make new friends/connections.

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Whatever the case may be, Jabi Lake Park is always active and vibrant with responsible individuals engaging in activities they love and are interested in. Some people come simply to take a walk or a slight jog around the park and burn off some sweat.

Finally, saturday mornings at Jabi lake Park is an experience everyone living within the radius of the area needs to not only witness but get engaged in. It is totally different from the norm, well secured, and brings the community at large together in a very positive way.

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