Absurd: Israeli Man Sues God!


An Israeli, David Shoshan, couldn’t help his frustrations at God and sued God, filing a restraining order against Him in a court in Haifa.

His reason was that God had been interfering in his life in a very negative way within the past three years.

Of course, the Court confirmed that God was not present at the court during the hearing, neither did he provide a attorney in his stead. He probably watched on from heaven.

Mr David Shoshan told the court that he had tried getting a restraining order against God from the local police in the past but only received 10 police calls and a few squad car visits to his home in the three year period.

Ahsan Canaan, the judge that presided over the case, threw out Shoshan’s request and called it absurd. He suggested that Mr Shoshan get help from someone else besides law enforcement.

According to the Israeli man, the law enforcement authorities didn’t react to his complaints on God very zealously.

Well, of course, we all have sued God at different times of our life, to different courts and for different accusations. So let us not judge the poor and frustrated man.

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