ISIS Throws Man Off Building, The Reason Will Shock You (Photos)


The extremist group of Islamic State (ISIS) reportedly threw a young man off the top of a five-storey building in Manbij city in Syria’s northern province of Aleppo on Saturday for being a gay man.

According to local activists who confirmed the incident, the man was arrested by the group’s Hisba police on charges of homosexuality and “sodomy” and barbarically threw him from the top of a building in central Manbij.

Before his execution, ISIS allegedly called on the residents in Manbij to gather near a building under construction on the road to Aleppo west of the city. An ISIS Sharia member read the verdict against the “unidentified” victim, according to eyewitnesses, before he was eventually thrown off the building.

The barbaric execution took place in front of hundreds of people, after which the corpse of the victim was transferred to an unknown destination. The militants have become known for their brutal executions of men accused of homosexuality.

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Last October, the terror group executed two Iraqi civilians in the northwestern Iraqi city of Mosul for being gay. The ISIS militants brutally threw the two young men off a building’s roof for being ‘gay couple’.


Gathered crowd at northern province of Aleppo
Gathered crowd at northern province of Aleppo
ISIS at the top of the building with the victim
Victim thrown off the building

The ISIS-linked Sharia Court had issued a decision to execute every gay man by throwing him from the top of a building. According to ISIS Sharia Court, throwing gays this way will cleanse their sins.

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The terror group is currently enforcing its version of Sharia Law in areas it controls and  has executed dozens of allegedly gay men in its areas of control both in Syria and Iraq. ISIS is known for its brutal beheading of captives but has also shown prisoners being burned to death in cages and being drowned and blown up with explosives.

Adultery is a common accusation leveled at those killed by the jihadis – a crime punishable by stoning. In front of gathered crowds, the victims are usually pelted by rocks until they are confirmed dead. Town square beheadings and the severance of the limbs are for  those accused of stealing.