Is Tana Adelana Married? Who Is Her Husband Femi Adelana?

Tana Adelana is happily married to her husband, Femi Adelana, a successful Nigerian businessman, and they have two children.

Tana Adelana, whose real name is Christiana Nkemdilim Egbo Adelana, is a Nollywood actress, movie producer, TV presenter, model, and entrepreneur. Unlike most celebrity marriages that now seem to last only for a short time, Tana is one of the few that has managed to stay married for over a decade without scandal. Here’s everything we know about the family she keeps off the spotlight.

Tana Adelana Has Been Married Since 2007

Many people do not know that the beautiful and talented actress, Tana, is married and so refer to her as a single lady. Tana got married to her husband Femi on 16th September 2017. By 16th September 2022, it would make their 15 years in marriage. Details of their wedding ceremony are not public knowledge.

The actress got married at the young age of 23 when she had not seen the light in the entertainment industry. Tana and her husband have done the most and succeeded in keeping their marriage out of the public eye.

She said that she doesn’t like sharing photos of her family on the media because she is the one in the spotlight, not them. She wants her family to have a normal life void of media and public attention and so does not put them out there.

In an interview she granted with eelive news, Tana Adelana expressed so much appreciation to God for His Grace upon her and her family as she has enjoyed blissful years of friendship with her husband.

She stated that when she got married, she did not have any formula for marrying the right man. Still, she eventually married a good man who loves her unconditionally and supports everything she does.

Here’s What the Actress Said About Keeping Her Family Away From the Spotlight

Throughout her marriage, the OAP is well known for keeping her family out of the media, which has helped her to maintain a scandal-free marriage. In detail, she said that she learned this from her mother, and it has helped her marriage a great deal.

The actress explained that if you put your relationship in public, you have given millions of people the right to dissect your life and then analyze it how they understand it. Speaking further, Tana admitted that just like every other relationship, her marriage has its ups and downs, but she would never put it out for people to know.

Instead, she would sit down and solve it within the confines of her home. Then, if it is a tough one, she would take it to God in prayer or confide in one or two family members. She maintained that this is originally what our fore-parents taught us even though social media has taken over a lot of things.

She concluded by saying that she was brought up by old people, and there are certain things she can never throw away, which make her core values. According to the mother of two, her mother did it, and it worked for her; hence, she is doing it in the same way.

Tana Adelana’s Husband is a Successful Businessman

Tana Adelana and husband-femi-adelana
Tana Adelana and husband, Femi-Adelana (image source)

The name of Tana Adelana’s husband is Femi Adelana, and he is a Yoruba man. According to records, Femi is a Nigerian-based successful businessman though the kind of business he deals in is unknown.

The celebrity husband, who is reportedly in his 40s, keeps a very low profile and avoids the media; hence, we do not have much information about him. With this, it seems that the couple is really in agreement to keep their family away from the media.

Femi Adelana is also not active on any social media platform. In March 2021, and for the first time, Tana revealed the photo of her husband on the internet after the funeral rites of her grandmother.

Tana Adelana and Her Husband Have Two Children

Tana Adelana’s union with her husband is blessed with two children. However, their names and identities are unknown. This is not unconnected to the actress’s choice of keeping her family details out of the media. Considering the year the couple got married, it can be assumed that their children might be in secondary school now.

Also, it is safe to assume that Tana Adelana’s children do not lack any good things in life and are growing in their parent’s love. Meanwhile, Tana has been seen with various children and men in photos which usually get people guessing if they are her family, but the actress does not care to confirm or deny any news in this regard.

From all indications, one can rightly tell that their approach to keeping her family totally out of the public eye is indeed working in their favor, as the couple is so much still in love after all these years.

Tana Adelana is a Prominent Nollywood Actress

Tana Adelana was born in Lagos State on 24th December 1984, making her 39 years old. Due to the Yoruba name she bears, many often mistake her for a Yoruba woman. However, Tana is an Igbo woman.

She only started going by the Yoruba surname Adelana after she got married to her husband, who is a Yoruba man. The actress originally hails from Nara Unateze in Nkanu East LGA of Enugu State, Nigeria.

She attended Treasure Land Nursery and Primary School, Surulere, Saint Francis Catholic Secondary School, Idimu Lagos, and the University of Lagos, where she obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning.

Later in her career, Tana attended a makeup art school in London (South African campus) and received an Executive Masters’s certificate in Leadership and Management from the Metropolitan School of Business in the UK.

Actress Tana has become a household name in Nollywood, rated one of the most influential actresses. Besides her acting career, she is a TV host and film producer with a production company Tana Adelana Productions, an entrepreneur, and host of a TV show titled Uncensored with Tana. Tana has accumulated several awards, nominations, recognitions, and achievements.

She made her acting debut in 2012 in the movie Single and Married, and since then, she has been doing great in her career. Some of her highly acclaimed films include Glass Slippers, Single and Married, Body Language, Beyond my Desire, Purple Heart Displaced, Two Brides and a Baby, and Baby Daddy, to mention a few.


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