Is Stefflon Don Still Burna Boy’s Girlfriend Following the Cheating Scandal

Burna Boy has officially ended his relationship with his girlfriend and British-Jamaican artiste, Stefflon Don, whom he dated for some time. The popular celebrity couple split after three years of being together

Fans and lovers of modern Nigerian hip-hop music will be conversant with Burna Boy’s name, but few will know Stefflon Don. She is a British rapper and singer and most significantly recognized following her relationship with one of the most prominent and successful African artists Burna Boy. What’s more? Their relationship started making headlines on social media following accusations of cheating, side chick scandals, and other lapses. But what really happened between them? Are they still together as a couple? Let’s find out.

Are Burna Boy and Stefflon Don Still Together?

Burna has ended things with Stefflon Don. The ‘Last Last’ singer took to his Instagram on December 22, 2021, to announce that he was no longer hooked. He wrote, “And FYI, Odogwu nor get wife”.

In what appears to be a response to Burna Boy’s post, Stefflon Don also made a post on Twitter saying that people tend to change when they make money and become famous. According to her, “No matter how much love, Loyalty or how good you treat someone, people are just not solid and scream real but are the fakest. Fame & money changes some ppl.”

She went on to say that you should believe people when they show you who they are no matter how difficult that may be. ‘God sees and knows. People genuinely need prayers,” she added.

It is not clear when the duo parted ways but reports have it that the split follows Jo Pearl’s claims of being in a relationship with the singer while he was dating Stefflon.

Burna Boy and Stefflon Don Met in Ghana in 2018

It is no longer news that Stefflon Don and Burna Boy have granted several interviews of their intentions to get married and even have children. In one of the interviews, Stefflon revealed that she met the big Nigerian afro-fusion singer in Ghana after she missed her flight the previous day. 32-year-old Stefflon Don, whose real name is Stephanie Victoria Allen, is a London-based rapper of Jamaican descent. She started singing and writing music in her primary school days but rose to stardom in 2017 with her single Hurtin’ Me.

Stefflon came to Africa for a show, precisely Ghana, in December 2018. After the show, she booked a flight to return to her base. Unfortunately, she missed her flight, and rather than staying all worked up and worrying, she decided to attend a concert in the country, which happened to be Burna Boy’s show. Stefflon must have had a nice and impressive time that night after seeing Burna Boy perform on the stage. They met after the show, and according to her, it was love at first sight for Burna Boy.

Their Relationship Became Official in 2019

They grew their newfound love in the background for a few months before making it open and official. Even though Stefflon was reported to be the first to announce their relationship on Instagram in January 2019, both of them subsequently posted photos and videos of themselves having good times. Sadly, all those pictures are nowhere to be found again on their pages since the rumor of their breakup started trending.

The music star also made his intentions with Stefflon Don public during an interview with Buzz Nigeria. The singer was asked to clarify his relationship with the British singer. It looked obvious that he had no perfect words to describe how amazing Stefflon is, but he managed to say that she is the most perfect person with that perfect description.

In his words,

On a more serious note, that’s my wifey. If you wanted a wifey, she’s like the most perfect person with that perfect description. Unfortunately, she’s mine now.

The couple faced their first breakup allegation after reports claimed that he cheated on Stefflon with his former girlfriend, Princess Shyngle. The rumors quietly died and were dismissed when fans noticed that they are still following each other on Instagram, a good act of modern-day romance.

In October 2020, another rumor ensued when it was noticed that they no longer follow each other on Instagram, which could mean one thing. However, Burna confused his fans by posting a screenshot of Stefllon’s music video with the caption “This” with love emojis.

The Cheating Allegation Between Burna Boy and Jo Pearl

Jo Pearl is a 25-year-old London-based model, Instagram influencer, and social media personality. In November 2020, the beautiful and voluptuous lady took to her Instagram page to claim that she had been in a romantic relationship with Burna Boy for the past two years. She started by lamenting that seeing her man all over social media with a British woman has affected her mental health so much that she could not hold it anymore.

Pearl said she started dating the Afrobeat singer back in London after sending her a message on Instagram. At first, she was very reluctant to reply because she had promised herself not to date anyone in the music industry. But after much persuasion from her friends, she managed to reply after two weeks.

They started talking, and after some time, he invited her to one of his pop-up shows in the UK, which was the first time they met. Burna Boy did not hesitate to profess his undying love for her, which she subsequently got used to.

Pearl said that no one had ever loved her the way he did, and that was exactly what made her fall in love with him against her original principle.

Burna Boy and Jo Pearl
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She further revealed that she moved in with him in his London home and went almost everywhere with him. Burna Boy had literally promised her heaven on earth, but the one that stuck most in her head is that he said, “You are going to be my wife, I’m going to marry you. We are going to have twins; you are my sweet Salon Jollof.” Their relationship continued thriving until November, when Burna Boy traveled back to Nigeria for the Christmas celebration.

Trouble began in paradise a few weeks after Burna Boy returned to Nigeria and stopped taking Pearl’s calls. All her effort to get through to her lover were fruitless. Then in mid-December, Burna called her to say that he was sick and hospitalized since he returned to Nigeria. He reassured her of his love, and Pearl couldn’t take anything less of the story.

However, things were no longer the same but continued to deteriorate to the extent that Pearl wanted to travel to Nigeria to visit him, but her people were totally against it and did not allow her.

The relationship became completely shaky following a heating argument they had that same December, and after that, she started hearing about his relationship with Stefflon Don. Pearl finally expressed that she has not come to social media for clout or hurt him but only decided to let out her feelings because she is about to burst and can’t hold it anymore. But then, neither Burna Boy nor Stefflon has reacted to Jo Pearl’s claims as of writing this.


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