Is Ruger Blind? What Happened to His Eye?

Ruger is not blind and has no problem with his left eye. The fast-rising singer has, over time, been embroiled in a controversy given the patch he always wears on his left eye in all his appearances.

However, he has done well in addressing the situation and explaining why he wears the patch. Let’s see the reasons and people’s reactions and responses in that regard.

Why Does Ruger Wear an Eye Patch?

Ruger is a Nigerian musician who people identify as the rapper with an eye patch. This has simply become his signature look. Even though it is the singer’s signature look, many believed the rapper could be blind or belong to some cult. However, that is not the case.

Is Ruger Really Blind?

Nigerian fast-rising artist Michael Adebayo Olayinka best known by his stage name Ruger is not blind. Since his emergence into the music industry, the artist is known for wearing an eye patch on his left eye. When he is not on an eye patch, he wears a tinted sunglass that would never reveal his eyes. This is why many people concluded that he is blind in his left eye.

What Happened to Ruger’s Eye?

As we have earlier mentioned, nothing happened to Ruger’s two eyes. While some of his fans have expressed their displeasure over his covering one of his eyes, others believe he must have a defect in the eye that he usually covers. However, in an interview he recently granted with Max FM, the artist explained that he is not blind and has no problem with one of his eyes despite wearing a patch on it during performances.

The Dior crooner explained that the eyepatch is a sign of respect for someone. As the interviewer pressured him to explain more, he said it would be disrespectful to further speak about it or the person. However, he also addressed that the patch is like a hallmark for his brand. “I don’t change my eye cover; it’s just the left eye; I don’t have an eye problem; it’s just my signature.”

He said his eye patch goes with his stage name Ruger because a sniper usually covers one of his eyes whenever he wants to shoot. According to the music maker, how a sniper closes one eye to aim and shoots his target is how he is to music. One eye is closed to enable him to focus very well, aim, and hit it right with his songs and music projects.

On how he got his stage name, the singer revealed that at the start of his music journey, he used to position his hand as if he wanted to shoot while at a music boot camp. This prompted D’Prince to give him the name Ruger, but according to him, he doesn’t shoot literally but musically. Before that time, he was going by the stage name Mikkey Drey but had to drop it and take up Ruger.

Ruger literally means a gun type manufactured by a firearm company called Ruger.

Is Ruger A Cultist?

Ruger is not a cultist. This question has also stemmed up not for any other reason but because of the eye patch he always wears. According to speculations, covering one eye is also a signature for some cult members. But in Ruger’s case, as we have already explained, the eye patch he wears serves as the singer’s signature look.

Ruger Without Eye patch and What His Real Face Looks Like

Ruger finally showed the world evidence that he is not blind. With the recent photos that circulated all over the internet, we can now see and say for sure that Ruger is not blind, nor does he have any eye defect. Check out Ruger’s pictures without an eye patch

Ruger without eye patch
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