Actress Passes Judgment To Rapists And Sexual Molesters


Nollywood actress and Tinsel superstar, Ireti Doyle says it’s time for rape offenders and sexual molesters to face the wrath of their evil deeds.

Married to veteran actor, and movie producer, Patrick Doyle, Ireti Doyle does not usually make media statements, however, her contributions usually make a statement whenever she airs them.

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In her opinion, the appropriate punishment for rapists is instant castration. Of late, there has been ear-itching news about rapists and their sexual misbehaviors. A few days back, a 37-year old reportedly raped an 18-months child and  every week there is at least one major report of rape incidence captured in the national news.

This has always been the case in the society and little or nothing has been done to punish the perpetrators of the act aside locking them up in the police station for just a few days.

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In a recent interview with Punch, Ireti Doyle expressed her joy about the attention that ‘rape’ has been getting of late and pushes the motion that the best judgment for such offense should be castration.

“In Nigeria, as in almost everywhere in the world, I do not think that rape cases are handled properly often times, She said. “What makes it worse for us in Nigeria is that in advanced countries, they have strict laws and most times, the law is enforced and justice is done.”

“In Nigeria, we have laws in place but are they enforced as they should be? I don’t think so. But I am happy that there is a lot more conversation about it. People tend to think that rape is on the increase but I don’t think so; I think it has always been a part of our society but you are hearing a lot more about it now because people are talking about it.”

“That veil of secrecy has been removed and the more we talk about it, the more we blow the whistle against the offenders. Eventually I think we would get it right. We need to put stronger laws in place and enforce them and justice must be done.”

“When you hear about a law that castrates rapists, you may think it is extreme but when you think of the ripple effect, the damage that rape causes not just to the victims but people around them, you might want to rethink.

“I think that the punishment should be hard especially for repeat offenders. Maybe if you are a first time offender, the law might give you room for rehabilitation but if you are a repeated offender, they should cut off your  manhood.”

Ireti Doyle and husband, Patrick Doyle

Ireti Doyle