IPOB Attacks BZM: Accuses Biafra Zionist Movement Leader Of Falsehood


IPOB Attacks BZM: Accuses Biafra Zionist Movement Leader Of Falsehood

The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has accused the leader of the Biafra Zionist Federation (BZF) Benjamin Onwuka of falsehood.

IPOB attacks BZM alleging that they are toying with a project ordained by God

In a statement released by IPOB analyst, Kosisochukwu Chibudo, the IPOB alleged that Onwuka was recently released by the federal government to destabilize activities of Biafra agitators worldwide

The group also accused Onwuka of being a liar and not at all a lawyer as he claimed.

Chibudo also disclosed that Onwuka had on three different occasions declared Biafra but failed and has nothing to show for it.

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He asked:

“If he is a leader of any meaningful group how come it was Nnamdi Kanu and his IPOB only that campaigned for him to be released?”

Chibudo further stated:

“He is working for Nigeria to attempt to destabilize IPOB but we are stronger than any stunt Nigeria Government can ever pull.

“They tried Uwazuruike and he failed, this ex-convict Onwuka will fail too.”

Leader of the BZF, Onwuka who was released from detention on Tuesday, February 14, declared that Biafra will become independent on Wednesday, March 15.

A supporter of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) leader Nnamdi Kanu holds a Biafra flag during a rally in support of Kanu, who is expected to appear at a magistrate court in Abuja

IPOB analyst, Chibudo responded saying:

“When criminals come out to toy with a project ordained by the Most High, Chukwu Okike Abiama Himself, they set themselves up for a spectacular failure.”

“Liars can never lead Biafra as another fake lawyer emerges with empty promises as before, to perform another Biafra declaration.”

The IPOB also made available court processes showing an appeal made by Onwuka on the revocation of Legal Practice Course (LPC) application in London.

IPOB Attacks BZM, Accuses Leader Of Falsehood

The document showed that the Law Society of London ordered that Onwuka cannot practice as a solicitor.

The document read in parts:

“The tribunal was referred to the written outline submissions and the skeleton argument on behalf of the Law Society.”

“The issue of the applicant’s (Onwuka) inability to register a s student member and continue the LPC was not a statutory matter. There would be separate remedies available to him in respect of that decision,”

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“The applicant never applied for consent to be a solicitor’s clerk. In such employment he would be in a position to show the tribunal that he could practice safely.

“An adjudication panel of the OSS had on October 16, 2001 found that the applicant had been convicted of harassment, unlawful eviction and common assault at Snaresbrook Crown Court and had been sentenced to six months imprisonment on September 11, 2000.”

“Pursuant to Section 43(2) of the solicitor’s Act 1974 (as amended), the panel resolved that with effect from October 16, 2001 no solicitor should, except in accordance with permission in writing given by the Society for such a period and subject to such conditions as the Society might think fit to specify in the permission, employ or remunerate Benjamin Onwuka in connection with his practice as a solicitor,”

Meanwhile, Chibudo said the IPOB deals with facts not conjecture affirming that “liars are not welcome in Biafraland.”