Inyanya Reveals The Reason Behind His Move To The Mavins


Singer Inyanya Reveals The Reason Behind His Move To The Mavins

Latest Mavin Records artiste, Iyanya Onoyom Mbuk has disclosed the reasons behind his move to join Don Jazzy’s record label.

Inyanya had on Monday announced that he had officially joined the Mavin Record family.

The Kukere crooner told The Cable that the “Don Jazzy factor” played a key role in his decision.

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Hinting on a personal risk-aversion, the former TripleMG star also stated that he just wants to get it right.

Iyanya in an interview said:

“It’s official, I’m now a Mavin and we’ve dropped the first single and there’s more coming.

“Everything is official, it’s not a production deal or anything.

“I’m part of the label, so I look forward to more hits and I look forward to more achievements.

“We needed the Iyanya brand to work with somebody who understands the music industry and can help me fulfill that dream.

Inyanya Reveals Why He Didn’t Set Up Own Label

“Making sure that I get my music right is the most important thing.

“We needed somebody who can help bring the real Iyanya to life, the singing Iyanya but at the same time commercialize the music.”


Speaking about his decision not to set up his own record label, Inyanya disclosed that he did not want to risk his brand.

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The Calabar-born singer starting his own label would require a whole lot, even though he could afford the costs.

He said:

“It’s not hard for me to set up my label. It costs N120,000 to register a label.

“It’s nothing. I’ll put the name out there, I’ll make noise, but after that what’s next?

“I’m not saying that if I tried it maybe I won’t do it but I don’t want to take any risk.

“My brand alone demands a lot, it demands a whole lot.”

Speaking about his ties with Mavin Boss, Don Jazzy, Inyanya reveals:

“The thing about me and Jazzy is that every time we work, it’s just very smooth and it’s always productive, so we just said let’s make it official.

“I made the decision to join Mavin because I saw that they have what I want.

“First of all, Don Jazzy is an amazing producer, musician, legendary.

“So working with him, or having him supervise my projects is a blessing for me. I’m just trying to get it right.”