INTERNET SCAM: How Ladies Are Lured And Raped Via The Internet


For young, innocent and unsuspecting ladies, it will do you a whole world of good if you read this. There is a current wave of fraudulent elements who pose as a reputable modelling company agents with the intent of duping and defrauding unassuming young ladies. These are ladies whose passion and desire to live out their dreams of modelling has driven into the hands of unscrupulous elements on the internet. This should serve as a warning to young ladies though, read and be wiser.

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Young girls are contacted through their Facebook accounts with the promise of being top international models and are enticed with fake stories of how they will be made supermodels and turned into millionaires with their very fake Modella Couture modelling contract said to be worth about N470,000. This is according to e-mails written to Laila’s blog by victims. The scam is so organised that the victims hardly realize that they are being duped. It is co-ordinated by two Nigerians, Ashbry (male) and Susan or Sharon or Sandra (female). See the mails victims sent to Laila below:


Hello Laila,

A girl named Sandra Johnson sent me a friend request on Facebook. I accepted her and she began to chat me up. She said she is a top model in Modella Couture Agency. She said a lot of things about how she’s very rich and how she just finished building her own house in Port Harcourt, she also said she moved her family to South Africa.

Then she started talking about a GLO contract with Modella Couture. She said the agency are recruiting models for the contract and we are gonna be paid N473,000. She convinced me is not a scam. I actually called my close friend that is our mutual friend on Facebook and asked her about her then she confirmed that she knows the girl and that she’s among the girls that accepted the offer so I was convinced not knowing my friend is also a victim. She then gave me a man’s number and said the man’s name is Mr. Peter. I called the man and he said I should call him Ashbry. He sounded very convincing.

To cut the long story short, they said the models in the academy were top models that did not accept the money because it was small. So we are the lucky ones that will be recruited in the agency. They also said the directors don’t know we are being recruited so we shouldn’t call anyone so they wont be suspended (can’t believe I believed that).
The Ashbry guy requested for my passport and my phone so he could extract my pictures and make it look like I took it in d agency (smh). I gave them my phone and passports.

Initially, I told the Sandra girl I can’t afford the money involved because my friend told me she paid up to N80,000 to them so the girl told me I shouldn’t worry that she will sponsor me. That made me calm because someone can’t scam me with her own money. Later they started telling my friends and I to bring girls to register under us in order to boost our profile.

Luckily for me, all my friends I told declined. In the middle of this, the stupid Sandra asked me out and I refused (she’s also a lesbian). Later on, Ashbry told me to come over to Port Harcourt so that I can finish my registration, that I have an interview with the directors. He even agreed to pay for the hotel bills but I told him still I didn’t have transport fare so Sandra told me to pay in N15,000 so that they will sort my interview and the rest of other registrations. So I stupidly paid the money to an account. The teller is attached below. When they stopped picking my calls, my friends calls, that was when I called Modella Couture and they convinced me that there is nothing like GLO contract and I was being scammed.

But although I didn’t sleep with the guy but he sleeps with a lot of other girls, takes their nude pics for a skin tone test according to him. They sound so convincing. I don’t have the guys pic but these are his numbers 08037894406..08033909630. Sandra’s name on Facebook is Sandy Johnson and this is her no 07036924607. Some so-called directors also called me to make it sound and look so real. This is the account number I paid the money into. UBA,  EDWARDS TERRY ANDY, 2071260462.

The girl sometimes suggests that I borrow money to pay for my registrations that she’s in the academy and that she won’t be allowed to leave the academy. These people can tell you anything to bring out money. Please everyone should be careful and watch out for this hoodlums. THEY NEED TO BE CAUGHT. Thank you.

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Stress at workplace. Sleepy student.

Hello Laila,

My story started with a call from a friend of mine about a modelling job and a contract with GLO, she convinced me that it was real and I decided to go for it. She gave me the number of a “top model” named Sandra, who claimed to be a top model at Modella Couture/Gold Models/Model Launcher. I spoke with her and she assured me of the authenticity of the contract and sounded so nice and reliable. I know that was so foolish of me, working with someone I hadn’t and may not even ever meet. I decided to give it a try.

So I went over to start-up the registration, which my friend started before me. I met with the agent by name Ashbry, who told me I had to pay some amount of money to start-up my web page and portfolio. I was led like a lamb to the slaughter, no worries, because I was foolish and blind to see the lies. I paid money for the web page (N4200), portfolio (N18,700), costume (N39,800), payslip (N22,000), you can do the math to sum it all up. Then I was told that my pictures had high comments from within and outside the country.

I was told I had to take a strip photo to test skin tones (abi na texture), and at that time, the agent guy made me have sex with him. When I thought it was all over that I would get my pay and move over to Lagos and meet with Sandra who called me every now and then to know about d progress, I was told that my profile status was low that I needed three girls at least under me.

Really I didn’t get that part well and my friend told me that it was like networking, I said okay. When I got two of my friends in, they started up but had money issues to continue. I had to rally round some money to help them, not knowing that Ashbry didn’t complete their registration because they refused to spend the night with him and he didn’t tell me. As for the 3rd girl, they claimed to find one who had money to fund herself.

As I waited for pay-day, I was called by d Ashbry that Sandra slumped on hearing that the directors rejected two persons under me and that I had to begin looking for more persons to make up (as per he don seem ATM machine na). When I would not find any more girls under me, Ashbry claimed to have found the girls and Sandra told me that the girls had money issues and asked if I could help. I could not do much and again when Ashbry called that there was a director that would help and only needed five thousand to do everything ,it was then I wondered, and searched online about each of the agencies Sandra claimed to work with.

Everything seemed okay but for the fact that these agencies were in different parts of the world, so I and my friend decided to try them all together and that was when we saw the same story about a girl who had gone through same ordeal, same names used by the acclaimed agent. Only that Sandra used another name there as Sharon (what’s with d ‘s’). Am still trying to get over it but it has not been easy and I pray for the grace of God to forgive them for myself. I had borrowed all these money I gave these thieves from virtually everybody on my street – friends, neighbors and boyfriends. They are all on my neck for their money.

At a point when one of my friends was asked to pay more money, she told them she didn’t have. All the guys she had asked for money told her she will have to sleep with them. You wont believe that when she told Ashbury that the men were asking for sex, he told her that she has to go ahead and do whatever she has to do to get the money.


Dear Laila,

Please post this story on your blog I want the whole girls to be more cautious. I met a guy named Ashbry while I was eating out, he came with a plump looking lady, they beckoned on me to come and I did.

He spoke about how he works for MODELA COUTURE IN COLLABORATION WITH MODEL LAUNCHER AND GOLD MODELS, and how they were looking for models for a GLO billboard advert. He also stated that the contract was worth over N470,000. I believed him because he sounded so convincing (this is the part where TILB readers will call me a fool, well I accept that title for now).

I gave him N19,000 for the registration and he told me I was supposed to have an oral interview with the directors and that they will call me through his phone late at night. I wasn’t comfortable with spending a night outside with him, but later, I obliged because the plump lady was also with him. She was applying for the contract too.

I came that night and he told me he had to take a strip shot so they could do a skin tone test and find out our shade of makeup. I found this weird but as the fool I was, I obliged too. He took the shot and also sex (yeah, I know I was desperate then). He also took N60,000 for costume and told me to bring some of my friends that I needed to boost my profile. Funny enough, all the girls I called told me it was not real but no, Annie (me) was just too blind to see it.

Long story short, he also took some nude pics of some girls he recruited and had sex with them. He works hand in hand with my girl named Sharon who claimed to be a top model. She would call us (the girls) and sound so nice claiming to refund us the money after we paid, because she was in the academy at Sheraton Hotel and couldn’t leave yet.

When my stupidity left me, I called the people at MODELLA couture and they denied being in collaboration with any agency. And it also turned out that the Sharon is well-known on Instagram as a scam and that she and Ashbry goes about deceiving girls. I still don’t get the whole idea of him taking nude shot of us (p.s if one day you see my nudes, just know that I did it and I regret), if he wanted money he should have kept demanding for more.

Please Laila, post their pictures and let the world not fall into the mess that foolish Annie (me) fell into. I, alongside the girls are trying to hand him over the SSS. This is an exploitation of womanhood.