Inside Yul Edochie’s Family With Wife May and the Children They Share

Nigerian ace actor Yul Edochie is the son of Nollywood icon Pete Edochie and obviously followed in his father’s footsteps to make a name for himself in the Nigerian movie industry. He started his acting career in 2005 and got his big break in 2007 in the movie Wind of Glory. Besides his successful career accomplishments, Yul is a happily married man and a doting father. He married May Edochie in 2004 and their union is blessed with four children. Here, we give you details of everything there is to know about Yul Edochie’s family with May.

Yul Edochie Met His Wife In College

Yul Edochie is one of those who are lucky to find lasting love at a very young age. The couple met way back in 1998 while they were undergraduates at the University of Port Harcourt. Yul at this time was still trying to put his life on track as a young man in the university. He graduated from UNIPORT in 2003. The duo dated for six years; all through their stay in the university plus one year after they graduated.

They Have Been Married For Almost Two Decades

May and Yul tied the knot in October 2004 when he was just 22 years. Although Yul literally had nothing to offer her at the time, May agreed to marry him. Yul Edochie’s marriage has stood the test of time despite all challenges they have encountered along the way.

In one of his interviews, Yul explained that his reason for getting married quite early was because he did not want to be distracted when he must have fully ventured into his career, having known the career path he wants to take from the beginning.

According to Yul, his wife knew very well that he did not have much at the time they were about to get married but she supported him and agreed to manage with him. He made this known while reacting to a Twitter post where a young man advised men to never get married until they have a sustainable job.

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The post reads:  Until you have a sustainable job, don’t marry even if she says she will manage. It’s a setup. She will later frustrate you,”  Read Yul Edochie’s reply:  I had no sustainable job when I got married. She said she’ll manage and never frustrated me for one day. It’s been 16 years of marriage now. We are happy. Different things work for different people” 

The couple never fails to celebrate their wedding anniversary each year. To celebrate their 17 years of marriage in October 2021, the actor took to his verified Facebook page to share photos of himself and his wife, appreciating her for loving and supporting him all through. One of his captions read  17 years Wedding Anniversary. Na God oo. Big Congratulations to us. I thank God for His grace. Thank you to my dear wife @mayyuledochie for the love and support always. Truly appreciated. I love you. 

Yul Edochie’s Wife, May, Runs Her Own Company

May Aligwe was born in the 1980s into the family of Mr. and Mrs. Aligwe in Anambra state. She celebrates her birthday on every 16th day of September. She has siblings but details about them are not known. May attended Airforce Secondary School Enugu and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers state.

May Edochie is not an actress like many people think. She is the Chief Executive Officer of DDK Investments, an investment firm she owns and runs by herself. May proves to be a really supportive wife to her husband, sticking with him through all thick and thin.

Yul and May Edochie Share Four Lovely Children

Yul Edochie’s marriage with May has produced a daughter and three sons; Danielle, Kambi, Karl, and Victory. The actor tries as much as possible in keeping his family life out of social media and so, he does not share much information about his children.

Danielle Edochie

Born on 14th April 2005, Danielle is their first issue and only daughter. Danielle has been in the spotlight a couple of times; she featured alongside her father when he bagged an endorsement deal with Ninos Global Technology. This is an electronics brand that gives parents access to know their children’s location. Daniel also featured in a few adverts when she was twelve years old.

In early 2021, Yul Edochie took to his Instagram page to congratulate her daughter for scoring 241 in JAMB and went on to promise to get her anything of her choice if she clears all her papers in her WAEC. Danielle did just that, making her parents proud and now she is an undergraduate in a Nigerian university. Her parents never cease to celebrate their daughter.

On congratulating her on her matriculation in February 2022, Yul reaffirmed his love for his daughter, Danielle. He shared pictures of himself, his wife, and the celebrant with the caption:  Congratulations to my daughter @danielleyuledochie on your matriculation. Mummy @mayyuledochie and Daddy are super proud of you. The sky will be your starting point. 

Kambi, Karl, and Victory Edochie

Not so much is known about Yul Edochie’s three sons given that they are still young. Kambi, who is the first son and second child features in most of the family pictures. He was born on 5th January 2007. Then, Karl Kenechukwu, the second son and third child was born in May 2013. His parents took to their Instagram pages in May 2021 to celebrate his thirteenth birthday. Victory Zane Chukwubuike is their third son and youngest child and was born in July 2017.

A Few Scandals Have Trailed Yul Edochie Over the Years

Just like every other regular marriage, Yul’s marriage with May has experienced some hiccups. In a recent time, there were allegations against the actor on infidelity to his wife. He was accused of having a baby with a Nollywood actress, Judy Austine, alleging that they have been secretly dating for a while before Judy took in for the actor. None of them came out to deny or accept the allegations, thus, fans and foes took it up via their different social media handles to drag and condemn the actor.

In a bid to address the situation, Yul made a post where he made mention of his several career achievements and then expressed disappointment in his fans for not having ever made a public post that commends his achievements but finds it very easy to jump to conclusions about his private life. He further stated that no one could ever bring him down because God has already blessed and lifted him up.

On another note, Yul Edochie claimed that he was being stalked by a fan who turned out to be gay. Yul revealed the fan’s name as Steven Ugochukwu Onyebuchi, a Canada-based Nigerian who makes advances at him but got turned down on several occasions. Hence, Mr. Steven asked for them to just be friends which he reluctantly agreed to, and along the line, he offered to help relocate Yul’s family to Canada. After he got all the essential documents for the immigration process, he resumed his advances on Yul once again.

This time, he came in a different dimension by blackmailing Yul Edochie with photoshopped nude pictures. He also went to the extent of posting his phone number on gay sites. Even after changing his number, Steven still found ways to get his new contact through connections he has within the Nollywood industry. However, Yul Edochie has since made public anti-gay comments on his social media pages, advising the general public to beware of gay people in order to avoid God’s wrath.


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