Inside Yewande Adekoya’s Marriage to Husband and the Children they Share

Yewande Adekoya was married for 8 years to actor Abiodun Ishola Thomas. They got married in a high-profile wedding in 2013 after dating for five years. Unfortunately, they separated in 2022. Prior to that, they welcomed 2 daughters.

While the actors may have drawn attention for being together for a total of 13 years in courtship and marriage, they have equally gained another attention for coming face-to-face with the end of their union on the alleged grounds of unfaithfulness and emotional abuse with Yewande as the victim.

Currently, it is not publicly known if she is dating anyone, but sources have laid out claims of an impending divorce between her and Abiodun.

Who Is Yewande Adekoya’s Husband?

Abiodun Ishola Thomas is Yewande’s ex-husband. He is a Nigerian actor, skit maker, content creator, and producer. Though not as renowned as his ex-wife, Abiodun Thomas is prominent in his own right.

In the course of his career, he has featured in both English and Yoruba films, and this has, in one way or another, shown him to be not just a celebrity spouse, but a successful actor and filmmaker.

Some of the movies that have gained him recognition are; Iwa Eda (2022), Oba Esan (2022), Belladonna (2018), and Cupid (2018).

How Did the Actress Meet Her Husband?

Yewande Adekoya met her husband, Abiodun Ishola Thomas, in 2008 while visiting a hospital. Shortly after, their paths crossed again in the same year in Ibadan, Oyo State, during their NYSC. The eventually started a 5-year relationship that subsequently led to marriage and the rest, they say, is history.

Long before Yewande met her husband, she had already taken interest in acting and had kicked off her career as a stage performer, film actress as well as movie producer. Her first on-screen work was an English TV drama series called Life Secrets (2006/2007) released under her production company, Ednawey Productions.

By the time she met her husband, Life Secrets was airing across the country on as many as 15 local TV stations. The movie-turned-TV Series features stars like Grace Amah, Segun Arinze, Chinyere Wilfred, and Yomi Fash-Lanso among others in the first season. Its second season, which aired in 2007, featured the likes of Gabriel Afolayan, Adebayo Salami, Sam Uche, Richard Agbo, Ronke Odusanya and many others.

Subsequently, she proceeded to produce her first Yoruba movie in 2009 called Igbo Dudu, which was marketed by Olasco films and later released in 2011, 2 years before she was married.

The Couple Married in 2013 and Had 2 Children

Yewande Adekoya and Abiodun Thomas tied the knot on the 14th of February 2013 (Valentine’s day) in Lagos at a Federal Marriage Registry. The estranged couple birthed their first child together, Precious Ashabi Abiodun, barely 2 years after the inception of their marriage.

The child was born in 2015, the same year Yewande wrote, produced, acted in  and released her famous movie Kuru Kuru. Their second child, Treasure Abebi Abiodun, was born in 2020, five years after they welcomed their first child.

The children have been at the center stage of Yewande and Abiodun’s marriage. Thus, even with the reported problems going on in their relationship, they continually flaunt pictures of the children on social media. This is really no surprise on the actress part as she loves her kids so much that she once mentioned that even though she is happy with her life “the only thing I would do differently is to get married and start making babies earlier.”

What Happened to Yewande Adekoya’s Marriage to Abiodun?

41-year-old Yewande Adekoya called Abiodun out on social media in April 2022 after he supposedly packed out of their matrimonial home. She claimed he left for an undisclosed lodge, leaving her alone to fend for their children.

She further claimed that the marriage had been facing turbulence due to Abiodun’s serial cheating ways, lavish lifestyle, and irresponsibility. Several women also took to their social media handles to report the supposed flirty actions of the movie star while he was still married to his wife.

Yewande on her end, blamed his friends, one of who is Jigan Baba Oja. She held the actor responsible for influencing her husband’s wrong behavior and encouraging his cheating ways.

The media had not been privy to these happenings until the filmmaker called her husband out in public. However, as sour as their relationship may have gone, it did not seem to affect their relationship with their children.

Abiodun Ishola Thomas, also known as ‘Aunty Milly’, has not made a public statement to refute the allegations laid against him and the state of their marriage. He is also lip-locked on his private life so that hardly anything is known about him outside the movie scenes.

Consequently, many seem to have taken sides with the actress, leading to the harsh judgment of the actor. While the situation was yet escalating, Yewande Adekoya came out once again to plead her ex-husband’s cause.  She reminded her fans of his flaws as a human and importantly as he still remains the father of her children.

Despite their separation, there has not been an official statement by both of the parties involved over any imminent divorce. They still live separately though and as far as we know, no legal divorce petition has been filed yet.

Since Their Split, Yewande Adekoya Has Remained Single

Since the union between Yewande Adekoya and Abiodun Ishola Thomas crashed in April 2022, neither of the actors seem to be in a hurry to get back into the dating pool. For the actress, most of her energy seems to be channeled in creating content, her movies and caring for her children.

There’s been nothing to indicate the presence of any significant person in her life since her separation. Much to the chagrin of many of her fans, Yewande seems to still be in love with her husband. This notion is born out of a conversation she had with a source at the time of their separation.

Although peculiar, the actress’ situation is like many of her colleagues in the entertainment industry who lost their marriages due to infidelity on the part of their spouses and the abuse they encountered in the marriage.

Some celebrities whose marriages were short-lived are; Funke Akindele, Mercy Aigbe, Toyin Abraham, Iyabo Ojo, and Fathia Balogun among others.


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