Inside Toyin Abraham’s Marriage With Husband Kola Ajeyemi and their Child

Toyin Abraham is one Nigerian Nollywood celebrity who has not been so lucky when it comes to marriage. The actress has experienced a couple of unsuccessful marriages over the years. However, Toyin Abraham seemed to be quite happy in her current relationship with the famous Nollywood actor Kola Ajeyemi.

Following her past marriage experiences, the Nollywood sensation Toyin Abraham had earlier resolved not to get involved in any form of romance with a fellow Nollywood actor anymore. However, fate kept tilting her path towards that direction, and that was how it led her to meet her current partner Kola Ajeyemi. Although their relationship recently came to light, the duo has been together for quite some time but decided to it under the radar.

It has been gathered that the couple had always known themselves within the industry and have been good friends for up to a decade as Toyin often sought Kola’s help regarding her accommodation any time she came to Abeokuta for a film shot. Notwithstanding, the duo gradually became very fond of each other, and therefore, their once-friendly relation later metamorphosed into a romance.

Toyin Abraham and Kola Ajeyemi Began Their Relationship in 2017

As earlier mentioned, Toyin Abraham and Kola Ajeyemi stepped up their friendship by making their relationship official sometime in 2017. As a result, many of their fans and well-wishers couldn’t help but jump to the conclusion that the Nollywood sweethearts have tied the knot. This erroneous assumption took a more serious turn when some pictures of the couple wearing the same native outfits went viral online, accompanied by rumors making the rounds that they have tied the knot.

On the contrary, it was later revealed by Toyin Abraham’s manager Samuel Olatunji that the rumors were baseless and nothing but a false alarm, substantiating that the rumored pictures were taken on the day of the couple’s engagement party, which took place on July 14, 2019. As Olatunji further explains that the lovebirds are not yet legally joined in holy matrimony but are engaged to be married and are yet to fix any date for their wedding until the divorce suit with Toyin’s ex-husband Adeniyi Johnson is concluded because, under the law, she is still legally married to her ex-husband, and cannot marry anyone else under such circumstance until she is legally divorced.

Although the Nollywood stars are not yet married, they seemed to be much happy together as a couple at the moment as they often showered encomiums at each other at any given time. Toyin has always described her heartthrob Kola as a senior colleague who is very calm, loving, and caring and who accepts everyone for who they are without any judgment.

The Couple Welcomed Their First Child in 2019

For Toyin, meeting Kola is more of a dream come true as their romance finally yields a positive result. In this regard, Toyin’s joy knows no bounds as she broke the cheering news of the birth of her first child with her partner Kola on social media after she struggled for ages without being able to conceive. Their son, whose name is Irewoletomiwa, meaning goodness, was born on the 14th of August, 2019, in an undisclosed hospital in the United States. Still, she decided to return to the country a week after her delivery to be in the company of her family.

This heart-warming news of the birth of the couple’s first son was delightfully accepted by her eager fans and well-wishers, who rained down countless congratulatory messages to the new parents. However, her partner Kola has had another child in a previous marriage, and his daughter is now a teenager.

Meanwhile, Toyin had been struggling to conceive for a long time and has even tried several medications for her inability to give birth in the past, including herbal medicines, all to no avail. Thus, the birth of her first child with her partner Kola is one of her greatest sources of happiness in recent times.

Kola Ajeyemi is Not Toyin Abraham’s First Husband

In another development, it is no longer a secret that Toyin Abraham has been previously married twice before meeting the current father of her child Kola. Nonetheless, it is quite unfortunate that her past marriages both hit the brick wall. The constant skirmishes and controversies arising from the past marriages have often placed her under media searchlight hitherto as fans and the media alike remained keen to see if she would prove them all wrong and make her current relationship a permanently successful one.

The Nollywood star’s first attempt at marriage was in 2010 when she met a UK-based Nigerian businessman popularly known as Adeniyi Solanke, whom she tied the knot in the same year. Unfortunately, before long, the couple experienced a crack in the marriage and divorced after a year of conjugal bliss in 2011. Reasons for their divorce have remained a grey area, as there is no much information on the actual cause, coupled with the fact that Toyin chose to maintain a zipped-lips on the issue. Her ex-husband Solanke, on the other hand, is also beyond reach for details regarding their separation.

Her Second Marriage to Actor Adeniyi Johnson Ended Due to Alleged Infidelity 

Toyin and her first husband, Adeniyi Johnson (Image Source)

Again, after Toyin’s failed marriage with her first husband, Toyin Abraham opened up her arms to her fellow Nollywood star Adeniyi Johnson, whom she also fell head over heels in love with after they met during one of her movies in 2012. They dated for about a year, and in 2013, they decided to walk down the aisle to exchange marital vows. Since the couple was both Nollywood stars, the wedding ceremony was more like a red carpet event as it was graced with the elegant presence of other Nollywood stars in the company of their close families and friends.

Even so, the marriage turned out to be sour as Toyin started leveling accusations of infidelity on her husband Johnson to the extent that they started living separately for a while. However, they later came back together temporarily after making up. At this point, everyone thought that the couple is back for good little did they know that the worst was yet to unfold. Not long after, Toyin decided to finally leave her ex-husband on the same grounds of cheating, claiming to have caught him pants down with another woman.

This marked the end of their marriage, as she filed a divorce suit even though the case is still unresolved in the court to date. Unlike in the case of her first husband, her divorce to the Nollywood star Johnson has often topped the headlines as the media is hell-bent on covering the controversy between the two Nollywood big wigs as long as their pending divorce case lingers. Nevertheless, the ex-couple still keep in touch with each other as Johnson has once sent congratulatory messages to Toyin after the birth of her first child.

Even though the Nollywood Queen had been married to two different men in the past, it is noteworthy that Toyin never had any children for her two ex-husbands. Nevertheless, the situation is different with her current partner Kola, with whom she has a son.

Toyin and Kola Are Yet To Exchange Marriage Vows

Since the time they started dating in 2017, Toyin Abraham and Kola Ajeyemi have been enjoying the warm arms of each other for over four years and counting. Judging from the look of things, there has been no love lost between the couple so far. In any case, all eyes are still on the couple as everyone hopes that they would solidify their union permanently by exchanging marital vows and growing old together.


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