Inside Stan Nze’s Family With Wife Blessing Obasi

Stan Nze married his wife, Blessing Jessica Obasi, on September 11, 2021, and they have lived together as a couple ever since.

While some stars return home with massive paychecks and promo tours as rewards for their roles in films and TV shows, the likes of Stan and his wife got more than they bargained for by finding a partner. With all that time spent on set building chemistry, it’s no surprise that the two got themselves cut up in a real romance that led to a life together forever.

Today, Stan and Blessing grew from being just acting partners to being among the much-celebrated couples in the Nollywood industry. Here are a few interesting stories about Stan Nze’s love life with his beautiful partner, Blessing.

Stan Nze and His Wife Blessing Obasi Met At Eko Film Festival

Movie sets have sure been a breeding ground for romance for celebrities like Stan and his wife Blessing, who met each other for the first time at the Eko film festival – an international film festival held in Lagos, Nigeria. While Stan was featured in a film screened at the festival, Just Not Marriage, Blessing was at the film festival for a movie screening.

There was no love at first sight found between Stan and Blessing, only friendship. However, Stan took note of Blessing differently on his birthday on May 15, 2017, thanks to an acquaintance who introduced them and urged them to ‘meet.’

All things working well, Stan and Blessing saw their relationship grow from mere friendship to lovers. The pair actually started dating in 2017, and through several hurdles that could have led to the end of their relationship, they waxed stronger together.

Their Most Memorable Marriage Proposal

Stan and Blessing’s marriage proposal was one of the most romantic moments you would love to experience. A video clip the couple shared with their fans on social media saw them engulfed in emotional moments when Stan knelt to propose to his beloved girlfriend of many years.

Stan Nze had intended to take Jessica Obasi on a trip abroad and propose to her there, but his plans failed as she had a film to shoot at that time, so she had to cancel the trip. To make it up to her lover for canceling the trip, the actress planned a surprise birthday party which was May 15, three days after hers.

Blessing planned a praise night with their close friends on the eve of Stan Nze’s birthday, then checked him into a hotel where they would treat him to an English breakfast tray served in their hotel room. In the evening, she planned a surprise all-white dinner for him and invited their close friends.

Unknown to her, Stan, who was aware of the surprises, was also planning to surprise her with a proposal. At the end of the surprise dinner, while giving a vote of thanks, Stan proposed to her. On popping the question, the love birds left everyone in an intense emotional state, as they shed tears of joy before Stan put the ring on his woman’s finger following her tearful ‘yes.’

The Couple Got Married in a Star-studded Wedding Ceremony in 2021

Stan Nze and his wife Blessing dated for about five years before their wedding bells rang. As expected, the wedding ceremony, which was held on September 11, 2021, was one of the biggest wedding ceremonies that dominated the media space for a while.

Being so popular in the Nigerian movie industry, the wedding saw scores of a-list actors and singers like Timi Dakolo gracing the beautiful occasion. According to the actor, he had planned to keep his marriage under wraps till his honeymoon.

Stan Nze and Blessing had their traditional marriage done a week before the wedding day, and as expected, close friends and colleagues were in attendance. One year into their marriage, the couple admits having their fair share of marital ups and downs but are more determined to stay focused, loving each other as they grow older together. The couple is yet to welcome their first baby, but Stan says he is hoping to welcome his ‘daughters’ soon.

Who Is Stan Nze’s Wife, Blessing Obasi?

Blessing Jessica Obasi popularly known as Blessing Obasi, is a Nigerian actress, movie producer, and entrepreneur. She is best known for her role as Deborah in Akinmolayan’s film “Prophetess.” Also an Igbo girl, Blessing Obasi hails from Abia state, southeast Nigeria although she was born and raised in the Northern part of the country.

Blessing obtained a degree in Industrial Relations and Personnel Management from the prestigious University of Lagos. Not much is known about Jessica Blessing’s early career in the movie industry, but she is known to have risen to prominence following her role in the 2021 Nigerian sports comedy film “Prophetess” where in she shared the stage with the likes of Toyin Abraham, Kehinde Bankole, Waliu Fagbemi, and, of course, her dear husband, Stan Nze.

What Is Stan Nze’s Wife’s Age Compared To Him?

Stan Nze’s wife, Blessing, is older than him by ten years. She was born on May 12, 1979, and she is currently 44 years old. The actor, who is an Anambra state indigene, was born on 15 May 1989, making him 34 years old.

Stan’s marriage to Blessing had earlier generated lots of controversies, with many of his fans and colleagues questioning his decision to marry a woman much older than him.  Meanwhile, the actor, in his reply to people’s questions about his marital decision, said he chose her simply because she gives him peace of mind and that he had found his rib in her with their incredible chemistry and bond.

The 34 years old lady’s man, Nollywood hunk, actor, movie producer, and model had earlier revealed in an exclusive interview that celebrity breakups once made him question his readiness for marriage.

Confirming he indeed got many knocks for his decision, he explained that his wife is his best friend, and she has everything he desired to see in the woman of his dreams. “Pipo yab me say I go marry 42-year old…but me I marry my friend, pesin wey give me peace. Pesin I dey extremely comfortable with,” he explained.

Meanwhile, one year after walking down the Isle, the actor only has blessings and thanksgiving to share for his blissful marriage. While celebrating his wife’s recent birthday, the actor describes her as “the best thing” that has happened to him as she has brought joy and fulfillment to his life.


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