12 Inside Photos of N3.3bn Ekiti State House With N50 Million Bed


These are the inside photos of 3.3 billion naira Ekiti State House  including a N50 million bed where the former Governor of Ekiti State; Kayode Fayemi lived and governed his state from with his wife and children: a state in debt with a history of not being able to pay its workers their salaries. This has been regarded as a complete waste of tax payer’s money.
The incumbent Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose laid accusations on his predecessor, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, of frivolously and lavishly spending the state’s money on 50 million naira sleeping beds in his and his wife’s bedrooms in the newly constructed Ekiti State Government House.

In a statement he issued in Ado Ekiti, he stated that the expenses made on the two bedrooms with their toilets and bathrooms alone was in the range of N100m.

Due to the recent media outrage against such an extravagant spending, Fayemi defended his actions by stating that “The administration of Governor Kayode Fayemi in Ekiti State places much premium on infrastructure which it believes is a catalyst for modernizing the state.”

“Infrastructural development is the second policy thrust of the 8-point agenda of the Fayemi administration otherwise known as the ‘Roadmap to Ekiti Recovery,” he said.

Below, you would find the publication reads thus: “Desirous of being remembered for good by citizens of the State, the Fayemi administration conceived what it called ‘Legacy Projects,’ bequeathed to the generations yet unborn.

“In conceiving the projects, the administration took cognizance of the need to execute projects that accord with the needs of the government and people of Ekiti and critically also, positively project the Land of Honour in the comity of states in Nigeria”.

Below are the inside photos of the luxurious building:

Ekiti Gov House 1

Ekiti Gov House 2

Ekiti Gov House 3

Ekiti Gov House 4

Ekiti Gov House 5

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