Inside Lizzy Anjorin’s Controversial Marriage to Husband Lawal

Elizabeth Aishat Anjorin is an award-winning Nollywood actress, producer, and entrepreneur. She is more prominent in Yoruba movies, where she has repeatedly shown her good acting skills. The actress is one of the many people in the industry whose stories about their early life are very pitiful and touching. However, it seems as though the huddles and storms Lizzy had to cross helped in molding her into a successful woman and a good wife. She has made great achievements in the industry and in her personal life.

Although she is happily married, she had many questions to answer and backlash to deal with following her recent marriage. As if the hard times in her life were not over, the marriage of the beautiful actress started another phase of trouble. Women do not like to be referred to as husband snatchers, but this was Lizzy’s fate until she and her husband did their best to clear the air.

How the Relationship Between Lizzy Anjorin and Lateef Lawal Started

According to the couple, they have known each other for over fourteen years. Lizzy Anjorin and Lateef Lawal have been friends for a very long time before they finally decided to get married. At first, Lawal did not want to talk about their marriage or the controversy that followed, but he eventually changed his mind and disclosed that his relationship with the actress dates back to when they had nothing.

The businessman revealed that fourteen years ago, when he saw Lizzy, he fell in love with her at first sight. But he was not good with approaching women, so he sent people to talk to her. They eventually became friends, and he supported her in everything she was doing. Initially, the Nollywood actress was in another relationship when they met, so he could not date her, but she later broke up with her boyfriend at the time.

Then, he thought it was the right time to step in and ask her out, but she turned him down, saying that she was not ready. He asked her out severally, but she rejected his proposal with the same excuse of not being ready. Still, he stayed close to her and even proposed to her three times before they eventually got married.

Lizzy Anjorin Declined Alhaji Abdullateef Lawal’s Proposals till Early 2020

The pretty actress also affirmed in her interview that she has known her husband for fourteen years but did not marry him then because she was not ready. Her experience as a child made her decide to be successful and comfortable enough to cater to her children before getting married. She did not want to give birth to children who will suffer as she did.

That was why she turned Lawal down severally even after her late mother had told her that he was the right man for her. Still, he stood by her through good and bad times even when people insulted him because of that.

After many years of saying no, Lizzy eventually said yes to Lawal in the early months of 2020, and they got married in July. It was a private wedding that hosted only friends and relatives. Many people did not see it coming, a deliberate act to keep people out of their business.

Why Lizzy Anjorin’s Marriage to Lawal is Controversial

Few days after their wedding, a lady identified as Toromagbe Dinjadinja shared posts and photos on Facebook, accusing Lawal of being previously married to five wives and having many children. She added that he had three babies from his previous marriages. This sparked great controversy on social media, and so many people started to talk about the five unknown wives.

For the sake of her being a public figure, as she described it, she decided to respond to the claims. She stated clearly that her husband was never married to anybody before her. She has known him for fourteen years and would have known if he had another wife. She said that her husband is not interested in marrying two wives, not to talk about five wives with numerous children. The Nollywood actress added that the rumor was peddled by wicked people who are jealous of her.

Her husband also declared that he was never previously married to anybody. Even though his religion as a Muslim permits him to marry as many wives as he desires, he was not interested in marrying many wives. He added that he had waited for Lizzy all these years because he truly loves her and wanted to get married to her.

Elizabeth Anjorin further said that if any woman was legally married to her husband before her wedding, that such woman should come out with evidence to back up her claims and DNA test results for the children. She said that both she and her husband know the implication of bigamy and would not do such a thing. In addition, Lizzy stated that she and her husband had kids before their marriage, but they were not married to anyone. Of their two children, her daughter is older than her husband’s child.

The Aftermath of the Controversy

Regardless of the public accusations and embarrassment faced by the couple after getting married, they remained undaunted and grew stronger together. Lizzy Anjorin explained that the rumors did not pressure Lawal because they were friends before they got married, and she knows him very well. The kind of relationship they share made overcoming the trial very easy, and they are moving on with their life.

Few months after their wedding, Lizzy Anjorin and Lateef Lawal welcomed their first child. The actress gave birth to her second child, a daughter, on the 1st of May 2021 in the United States of America. The baby is said to have many names, and her mother revealed about thirteen of her names in a video she posted. Some of her names are: Adewepomola, Florida, Okiki wole ola, Semawon, Mendo, Faryat, Abebi, Lawal, Oba asetan make, Oba oke peganmire, Oba oke faye yemi, Oba oge seyifunmitan, Oba oke fadun kayomi, Oba oke soro mi dayo niwaju aronipin.


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