Inside Chiwetalu Agu’s Family Life With His Wife and Children

Chiwetalu Agu has been married to his wife, Nkechi Agu, for more than a decade and they have five children, three boys and two girls. However, there’s hardly anything known about as the actor prefers to keep his family away from the public.

The Nigerian entertainment industry, especially the movie industry, has been notorious for the high divorce rate among its stars. However, despite the prevalence of divorce cases, some actors and actresses have remained in happy marriages against all odds; one such person is Chiwetalu Agu. The veteran actor, comedian, and movie producer, popularly known for his sometimes vulgar yet hilarious usage of language slang and cliches, is happily married, and they have been blessed with five children.

Chiwetalu Agu Met His Wife in a Pentecostal Church in Lagos

The veteran actor in an interview recounted the story of how he met his wife, Nkechi Agu. According to him, a relative of his named Jeffery Agu had seen Nkechi in a pentecostal church at Olodi, Apapa Lagos State, where he had gone to worship. So he came back home and told Chiwetalu that he had found him a wife. 

Before that, the award-winning actor had rejected many women. He also noted that he had gone to men of God with different names of women to ascertain whom he can take in as a wife, but he usually comes back with unfavorable answers. However, when he met Nkechi, he fell in love with her. 

Inside Chiwetalu Agu’s Family Life With His Wife and Children
Chiwetalu Agu and Nkechi Agu

The actor affirmed that because he married late, he had no time to court his wife. He mentioned that he had earlier prayed to God to plant the ideals he was looking out for in women into his wife. This, according to him, would prevent him from wasting time in courtship and prevent him from spending time observing and monitoring her behavior, and God answered his prayers. 

He Married Nkechi Late Because He was Taking Care of His Sick Father

Chiwetalu recounted that he had traveled all the way from Lagos to visit his father, only to find him blind, so he had to spend time trying to find a cure for his eye problem. According to him, among the eight children of his father, it was only him who wasn’t facing his personal life at that point. Therefore he spent some part of his youthful days attending to his sick father. He affirmed that his friends from home and abroad were telling him to leave his father and pursue his destiny because his father had lived his life.

When he finally decided to go back to Lagos, his father didn’t want him to, but he had to beg his father’s friends to talk to him. It was one of the most emotional moments of his life when he had to travel back to Lagos to pick up the pieces of his life, Chiwetalu recounted. 

What we Know About Nkechi Agu

Nkechi Agu hails from Mbaise in Imo State. She was a student studying Business and Secretarial Studies in a polytechnic when Chiwetalu met her. She was also doing some petty trading to raise funds for her education. However, after meeting the actor, he convinced her to stop the trading because he had the intention to train her in school and “recreate her” as he puts it.

Chiwetalu recounted that she took in but was scared of telling him within a month of their meeting because she felt he would react like some young men and deny the pregnancy. However, the reverse was the case when she told him of the pregnancy, and he loved her more. 

Not much is known about her, and her occupation/career as an actor is known to lead a private life. However, the actor confirmed that she enjoys watching his comedy roles in movies and would laugh as if she had won a lottery in hilarious scenes. He also said that she loves and supports him in his career and has affirmed that she’d still marry him in the next life if there were such a thing. 

The veteran actor had credited his happy marriage to God as he opines that he pities those who didn’t establish a strong relationship with God before marriage. He also noted that his wife is a good Christian who is calm and understanding and is the source of his joy and happiness. Also, having his children and wife as his biggest fans and cheerleaders have helped to keep the family intact even in his absence.

Chiwetalu and Nkechi Agu are Parents to Five Children

Inside Chiwetalu Agu’s Family Life With His Wife and Children
The children of Chiwetalu Agu

Chiwetalu and Nkechi’s union was blessed with five children, three boys, and two girls. Due to his distaste for making his family life public, nothing much is known about his children and their lifestyle. However, rumors have it that his first son is a student of the prestigious Madona University, Okija, while one of his other sons should be in his penultimate year in secondary school.

On the other hand, one of his daughters is said to love modeling and has created unique designs with the inspiration she drew from her brothers. With this, it is evident that the Agu family is an art inclined one.

Be that as it may, none of his children has officially followed in their father’s footsteps. But it would be nice to get to see any one of them on the big screen one day, side-by-side with his father. Though he is protective of his family, Chiwetalu has made it known in an interview he will support his children in any career of their choice. His only wish, however, is that they live a fulfilled life of their choice.

Elvis Chibuikem is not Chiwetalu Agu’s Son

It was once said that a young and promising actor named Elvis Chibuikem, also known as Ichie Ogwo Junior, who hails from Rivers State, is his son. This is because of the similarities in the display of their talent and acting skills. However, this rumor was immediately debunked by the young actor who had starred in several movies alongside the veteran, saying that it was a mere coincidence. 

Overview of Chiwetalu Agu’s Acting Career

The veteran actor started his acting career in 1981. He was launched on the big screen with NTA Enugu’s “Ikoro,” a collection by Joe Onyekwelu. With the help of Zeb Ejiro, he was also featured in the then Etv’s show “Baby Come Now” (now ESBS). 

Relocating to Lagos state in 1987, he starred in the popular soap opera, “The Ripples,” where he earned the title Okemilinezulora 1 of Etiti. He took a step further in auditioning and starring in the blockbuster movie “Living in Bondage,” which starred other veterans like Kenneth Okonkwo and Kanayo O. Kanayo. He gained more popularity after he featured in another movie titled “Taboo,” where he earned and retained the name “Ichie Ogwu.” 

His fame and talent landed him in many other award-winning movies and awards. In 2012, he was awarded as the best actor in the Nigerian Movie award sponsored by the Nigerian Movie Award. He has also won other awards before and after that.


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