INEC PVC Registration, Voter Card Verification and Validation Process

INEC PVC registration is an exercise coordinated by INEC to get eligible voters registered using the continuous voter registration portal. The registration process helps eligible voters obtain a permanent voter card to exercise their civic right to vote in the General Elections.

Since INEC embraced the continuous voter registration process in 2017, it has been looking for more straightforward ways to make voter registration easier. This brought about the introduction of the INEC online registration portal in June 2021. The portal is designed to be more accessible and user-friendly. INEC brought out the online registration portal to decongest the population of eligible Nigerians who wish to register at their registration centers.

Not only did the process reduce the number of people in INEC registration centers, but it also reduced the time of registration. Through the online process, prospective registrants can schedule appointments for the verification process. They can also monitor their application from the comfort of their own home.

What does Continuous Voters Registration Mean?

Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) is an exercise designed to register voters who turned 18 years old after the previous registration exercise or who were unable to register in earlier exercises for various reasons.

The 2010 Electoral Act (as modified) requires the Commission to conduct CVR worldwide and make information available to all political parties within 60 days. Each year, the names and addresses of everyone who registered during that year.

In accordance with this requirement, the Commission has created a nationwide mode for conducting the Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) activity.

What is the Full Meaning of PVC?

PVC means permanent voter’s card. The INEC issues the card to the members of the public that registered with the commission. To have a PVC in Nigeria, there are specified procedures one must go through.

The commission outlined important processes and brought out an online portal to simplify the process. Before the election date, INEC announces the opening of the registration of PVC to enable those that don’t have one to go and get it registered.

What is the information contained in the PVC?

PVC holds biometric data such as physical features, thumbprints, and so forth. It safeguards the info saved on the card. The information on the PVCs is programmed electronically and can only be read and assessed via a card reader.

How to Register for PVC

The following are the two methods of registering for INEC PVC in Nigeria:

  • Online PVC registration method
  • INEC offices or centres

Is There PVC Online Registration?

This is one of the methods of registering an INEC PVC. The commission provided this method to make it easy for all eligible voters who have access to the internet to go through the registration process of PVC in the comfort of their homes.

The registration process was made sequential by the commission. The INEC online registration begins with the login process on the portal and progresses to the procedures for enrolling for a voter card.

Please remember that the portal is only open to those who have never previously registered their INEC PVC. There are alternate alternatives on the site if your card is misplaced or you want to change your information for a new card.

Before proceeding, remember that you can only register on the portal once. After completing your application, wait for confirmation before registering again. Otherwise, your registration may be invalidated because signing up several times is considered a crime.

How to Check My PVC Online

Complete the following procedures to acquire access to the INEC registration portal:

  • To access the portal, go to, or click here to get started.
  • Click ‘Continue’ on the necessary information supplied.

Create an Account to Gain Access

You must first log in to your portal account before you can access the signup form. If you are not registered or do not have an account on the portal, you must create one. Follow these simple steps to establish an account:

  • Fill in the essential fields with your name, email address, and phone number.
  • Then, make your password.
  • Scroll down to ‘Submit.’

You must enter an email address that you have access to, as you will receive an email immediately to authenticate your account. In your inbox, you should find an email from the INEC CVR Portal. To return to the previous sign-in page, open it and click on the link included inside.

Click ‘Log in’ then enter your email address and the password you created earlier. Following that, you will be directed to a Declaration page where you must declare that all the information you supplied is correct. Make sure you click ‘Yes’ before proceeding.

Start the Registration

The registration form is the next page after you finish the declaration page. The following information will be requested on the form:

  • Bio information (gender, date of birth, occupation, address, nationality)
  • Further information (level of education, maiden name, disability)
  • Place of residence (country of residence, state of residence, LGA, or the city of residence)
  • Information on the Source (country of origin, state of origin, LGA or city of residence, place of origin or the home town)
  • Polling Unit: This is the state, local government, and locality where you want to vote.

A sign for supporting documents, such as your national identity card or passport, can be found at the bottom of the page. Although this step is optional, it expedites the verification process by making it easy to verify your identification.

After that, click Save and Continue, and you’ll be taken to a new screen that confirms your application has been successfully amended. If you do not receive this approval, inspect the application process by clicking the three black lines on the upper right side of the screen.

Upload your Photographs

You must now provide two clean close-up photographs of your face, one with a neutral expression and one with your teeth showing. To upload your photos, go to your camera and press the ‘Choose File’ button. Immediately after taking a selfie, select ‘Use Photo.’ This will automatically resize and upload the photo. Make sure the photographs are clear and well-lit.

Book an Appointment

After you’ve learned how to register for your PVC online, the next step is to schedule a time for your biometric information to be taken. Choose the nearest location for your biometrics from the list provided. These options are based on the address you gave when filling out your bio-data.

The portal will show you a list of available times for your bio-metrics. If you forgot to reschedule your appointment, you could do so through the INEC portal. Submit your application once you’ve agreed on a date and time.

How to Register PVC in INEC Office or Accredited Centers

This is another method for obtaining INEC PVC registration. The commission constantly advises all eligible voters to proceed to any INEC office to register for the PVC. The following steps are required for INEC PVC registration at any INEC office:

  • Walk into any INEC office or PVC registration
  • Request for PVC registration
  • You will be asked some questions like name, address, LGA,
  • Take a photograph
  • A list of voting centres will be provided. Select one and fill in your data in the local government
  • A slip will be given to you, which you will present when the PVC is ready for

What is INEC Voters’ Card Verification?

The Independent National Electoral Commission provides a procedure for registered and eligible voters to confirm the status of their Voter’s Card. This is known as the INEC Voters’ Status Verification System. This method of confirming your voter card allows you to use your mobile device to retrieve your Voter Identification Number. It also tells you your polling unit and polling unit code.

What is the voter card validation portal?

In most circumstances, this is known as checking the status of your registered voter card. It is very simple to validate your voter’s card online. All that is needed is an internet-capable gadget and a data plan. To verify your voter card, follow the procedures below:

  • For fast access, go to the voter card validation site or click here
  • Fill out the information form on the portal.
  • Execute the security
  • Then select Check Status
  • You will be taken to another website that will authenticate the validity of your voter card. It will provide you with all of your vital information.

How to Check Voters Card Number

The INEC voters’ card number is a combination of alphabets and numbers that is nineteen in number. It is also known as the voter identification number. There are several ways one can access the voter card number. Below are the ways one can view the voter card number:

  • At the back of your permanent or temporal voter’s card
  • On the Validation portal

How to Identify the Voters’ Card Number on the Permanent or Temporal Voters’ Card

This is the easiest way of viewing the voter card number. The voter identification number on the temporal voter card is highlighted at the front and back of the card.

How to Check Voters’ Card Number Online

The INEC voter card number can be checked using the validation portal. Among the information that will be provided during voter card validation is the voter card number. Below are the steps to view your voter card number online:

  • Visit the voter card portal or click here for quick
  • Fill up the information form provided on the portal
  • Run the security check
  • Then click on check status
  • This will provide the details of your voter’s card, including the voter card number.

How to Check My Lost Voters’ Card Online

The commission provided a method of checking the lost voter’s card. Before going further with retrieving the lost voter card, It is important to confirm by first checking the lost voter card. Below is how to check a lost voter’s card online:

  • Access the INEC voter verification portal
  • Fill in all the provided requirements correctly
  • Scroll to the section with ‘Check Status’ and click on it
  • At this point, the details of your lost voter card will be displayed on the screen

After the above steps of checking the lost voter card, it is important to outline the necessary steps to retrieve the lost voter card.

How Can I retrieve My Lost Voters’ Card?

Before one can retrieve the lost voter card, the INEC officials on duty will demand to know the circumstances that led to the displacement of the voter card. Once there is a valid reason for the lost voter’s card, the following online process of retrieving the voter’s card will be applied:

  • Access the INEC PVC registration portal
  • Scroll to the menu bar and tap the ‘Sign In’ or the ‘Register’icon
  • The sign-in will require your email address and password.
  • This will redirect you to the INEC PVC registration website home screen
  • On the home screen, click on the ‘Lost or Damaged PVC’ icon
  • Click on the ‘Request New Card’ section
  • The next page will provide a form demanding the details you used during the previous PVC registration
  • On the confirmation of the provided information, a compiled list of the details will be displayed on the screen
  • Click on the ‘Start Review’icon
  • After going through the details provided, click on the ‘Accept’ icon on the declaration warning
  • You will be required to fill in your nationality, state, and local government details
  • Then you upload your passport photograph. Make sure the image you uploaded is clear enough to avoid it being rejected
  • Proceed to any INEC office close to you for the final step and collection

How to Print Temporary Voters’ Card

The temporary voter card is a card issued to voters before the issuance of the permanent voter card. Note that you can not participate in the voting exercise with the temporary voter card. Below are the steps to printing your INEC temporary voter’s card:

  • Access the INEC PVC registration portal
  • After successfully login into your account on the portal, you will be directed to the portal home screen
  • Click on the section with ‘Lost of Damaged PVC’
  • On the confirmation of the provided information, a compiled list of the details will be displayed on the screen
  • Click on the ‘Start Review’ icon
  • After going through the details provided, click on the ‘Accept’ icon on the declaration warning
  • At this point, you can print the details of the temporary voter’s card


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