Look What Was Found In The Indian Ocean, It’s A Bloated Whale


What the heck is that thing? Maybe what popped into the minds of the fishermen who discovered this creature floating in the Indian Ocean.

Oceans and seas are one of many habitat that harbour the most mysterious, freakish and deadliest creatures. Dark and full of terrifying things you can never imagine ever exited.

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A fisherman, Mark Watkins, 21, described the creature as Smooth, pink, fleshy, and unbearably smelly. As they watch the floating thing from afar, it looked like nothing they have ever seen before, but as on a close inspection it turned ugly. He told the West Australian:

“When we got closer we realized it had to be a dead whale because of the smell. Its stomach was full of gas so it was all bloated up.”

Look What Was Found In The Indian Ocean, It's A Bloated Whale
At first the fisherman Watkin thought it was a boat or a balloon, but it’s a bloated dead whale afloat in the ocean

Just like dead creatures undergoes post-mortem, the stomachs of whales tend to be full of gas during life, but this is normally kept under control by releasing it to the ocean surface, hence they emerge occasionally to hilariously hump over the sea world.

Floating up to the surface some time after death, the Sun’s rays began to hit the whale’s abdomen, causing the gases to expand and ultimately forcing the stomach to swell up. On occasion, this can cause the cetacean to explode with dramatic, gore-filled fury.

Speculations borders on whether it could be a humpback whale or southern right whale, two of the most common types found off the western Australian coastline.

Look What Was Found In The Indian Ocean, It's A Bloated Whale
Humpback White Whale

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There has been similar incidents where fishermen spots strange creatures in the marine world. Such as the time when there was doubts about whether mermaids actually existed and that has also been proven.