‘godly’ Incarnation? Cow Births Weird Two-Headed Calf


The birth of a two-headed calf at a farm near the Indian city of Udaipur, has left people calling it an auspicious sign, while others say its an end-time sign.

In Hinduism, cows are revered as the holiest of all animals and are worshiped. News of the birth of the conjoined twin calves has attracted the attention of local Hindu believers, who are revering the newborns as ‘godly’ incarnations. A local said “This is a very auspicious sign. Cow is our mother God and this is a blessing from her.”

The birth of the two-headed calf has left Vets shocked. The calf is conjoined at the head, but shares the same lower body. Both the farmer and the vets called out to review the animal admitted they were baffled by its appearance.

two-headed calf 3

Local veterinarian Dr Sumit Kumar says it is a unique case of one in a million. The newborn has two heads. But the lower body is the same. In such a case, it is highly unlikely that the calf will survive for too long.

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However, despite predictions the calves are appearing to be fit and healthy. They are being kept under observation at an animal care facility in the city. Dr Kumar said they are responding very well to the initial treatment, but he will have to see for the longer course. They may attempt a surgery later on.

Last month, another case of a two-headed calf was reported by the Express. The bovine had two perfectly formed heads sprouting from the same neck.

two-headed calf

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A dairy farmer, Shaun Sowray, witnessed his four-year-old cow birth a stillborn by a cesarean session, after they realized it couldn’t get out because it had two heads. Mr Sowray who has been a farmer for more than 30 years was in shock at the birth saying he had never seen anything like that before.