We Will Impound Vehicles With Expired Tires – FRSC


The Head of Operations, The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC), Mr Adei Abu, recently disclosed that 772 out of the 9000 Road Traffic Accidents (RTCs) recorded in 2015 across the country were caused by burst tires. As a move to reduce accidents caused by expired tires, the FRSC will henceforth impound vehicles with expired tires until replaced.

Mr Abu revealed this at a stakeholders’ campaign on good use of tires in Dutse, Jigawa state. Mr Abu, speaking of the campaign had said:

“We are here in Jigawa to educate the general public on the expiry dates of tires. This is because we believe that when we educate them, they will pay more attention and do the right thing. You see, out of the 9,000 RTCs recorded in the previous year across the country, 772 of them were caused by burst tires.’’

He said the FRSC had observed that the recent increase in accidents country-wide was as a result of expired tires. He explained that the commission had, therefore, seen the need to educate all stakeholders so as to check the menace.


The campaign was attended by tire dealers, vehicle owners, drivers, vulcanizers and other stakeholders.

“We all know the importance of tires to our vehicles and we have observed that, of recent, most accidents on our major roads were caused by burst tires. So as a responsible organisation, we deemed it necessary to educate all stakeholders so as to find a lasting solution to the menace.”

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Mr Abu also clarified that unlike argued by most persons, most road traffic crashes were caused by human errors:

“If you reason very well, you will notice that most of the crashes are caused by human errors. For example, a driver should be able to notice road signs suggesting sharp bends, speed breakers, junctions, roundabouts and the rest of them. Sometimes, drivers just keep speeding until they come across these speed breakers or potholes and will end up unable to control their vehicles, thereby, crashing into either the pothole or something else.’’

The FRSC boss in answer to whether its personnel would impound vehicles found with expired tires:

“Yes, we will impound such vehicles with expired tires and keep them in our compound until the owners buy new tires. “Once, you bring and change the expired tire, then we allow you to go with your vehicle.’’