“I’m Ashamed to Be Associated With Dasuki’s Scandal.” – Olu Falae


On Thursday, Jan. 21, during the National Executive Council meeting of the Social Democratic Party, SDP, in Abuja, the National Chairman of the Party, Chief Olu Falae, voiced out on his displeasure on the allegation that he had a transaction with former National Security Adviser (NSA), Col. Sambo Dasuki. Falae says he is ashamed that Nigerians are associating him with Dasuki’s $2.1bn arms scandal. The money was meant for the procurement of weapons for the fight against Boko Haram.

For people to even mention my name in connection with Dasuki, I feel ashamed for Nigerians to even say such a thing. It is wicked and a sin against God. I am sure they know that what I am saying is the truth; that there was no connection between SDP or myself with Dasuki.

dasuki scandal

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He continued:

We did not take any money from Dasuki. The money sent to us was by the PDP, based on the exchange of letters between us, which establishes the contract.

Meanwhile, the public has been waiting eagerly for Chief Olu Falae to open up about the N100 million he received from the former chairman, Board of Trustees of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Chief Tony Anenih. He is making the country wait some more and promises to speak about it before the end of next week.

Some people are still writing spurious nonsense but I intend to address the press sometimes next week, probably in Lagos, to tell my story so everybody can hear and the blackmailers can shut up forever.

I said this because I can’t come here without addressing this issue, so that you know what you take home. We are very proud of the way we have handled this matter.

Falae described what the SDP is currently facing as a campaign of calumny by certain forces to discredit its leadership, boasting that the party would overcome it. He added that he has repeatedly mentioned that he is a believer of God and will keep saying it. He went on to assert that as a truthful believer, he is confessing nothing but the truth – that he did not collect a dime from Dasuki. He also added that he had absolutely no feelings nor connections with Dasuki. According to Falae, he has not seen Dasuki since 1987, when he was ADC to ex-President Ibrahim Babangida’s administration.

I think the last time I saw Col. Dasuki must have been in 1987 when he was ADC to General Babangida and I was Secretary to the Federal Government of the Federation.

So we worked together, that was in 1987 – 29 years ago. So, ladies and gentlemen, please, put your mind at rest. I have nothing to do with Dasuki. I took no money from Dasuki. The N100m they are talking about, it was the money sent by the PDP to your party, SDP, following our endorsement of their presidential candidate.

The 77 year old statesman, who was kidnapped on his birthday last year, rounded up his speech by saying that after all said and done, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) did not ask him to refund the money. Which invariably translates to an assumption that they believe he didn’t receive any money from Col. Dasuki.

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