IHS Holding Ltd Allegedly Sacks All Helios Towers Staff


Reports reveal IHS Holding Limited, one of the largest mobile telecommunications infrastructure providers in Africa, has allegedly fired all Helios Towers staff with immediate effect.

This dismissal is coming despite government’s order to private organizations such as banks and telecommunication companies to suspend mass sack of workers or risk their licenses being withdrawn.

According to a Lailasblog report, one of the affected employees, reeling in shock and dismay wrote this;

“I just got fired o, no warning nothing! IHS Towers just acquired my company and just decided to fire all of us.  No warning nothing.  Please help us let Ngige know that some companies are still laying off staff even after the promise and warning from the government.”

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Just recently, IHS Holding Limited completely acquired Helios Towers Nigeria Limited (HTN) and by extension, their 1,211 diversified tower sites situated across Nigeria.

ihs holding limited 2

Under the terms of the acquisition, IHS owns the entire issued share capital of HTN and now has full operational control of the underlying business.

This is not expected to disrupt activities as business will continue as usual for HTN’s towers. The towers will be integrated into the IHS network and connected to their operating centre that monitors each tower.

IHS believes all stakeholders will benefit from this acquisition because meaningful relationships will be developed seeing that a considerable part of the IHS portfolio is located in Nigeria.

IHS plans to work on rolling out its renewable energy solutions and diesel reduction initiatives while maintaining unparalleled network uptime.

Helios Towers and IHS established the mobile telecommunications infrastructure industry in Nigeria in the early 2000s.

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Over 95% of IHS employees are African and IHS employs close to 40,000 people directly and indirectly through its exclusive subcontractors.