Dear Nigerians, Stop Praying For Your President To Die – Anti-Buhari Citizen Mocks Former Supporters


A guest contributor, Iferika Chinenye, decided to tell Nigerians the bitter truth about President Muhammadu Buhari’s leadership in a very hilarious and sarcastic open letter where she advised Nigerians to stop complaining about about the president as he is the man of change they prayed for having rejected the former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Foretelling that Buhari will neither die nor resign in fulfillment of the prayers of many people, Iferika Chinenye, added that Nigerians should expect that the next president after him to be worse.

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Read the letter below:

“Stop complaining Nigerians! God looked upon you and saw how helpless you are, and He gave you His good shepherd and you rejected him. Even though when he leads you beside still waters, and makes you lie down in green pastures, still you hate him.

“No matter how he tries to exercise his loving kindness towards you, still you don’t appreciate him because your heart was full-of-evil.

“You kept crying in loud voice saying to Lord: “You are wicked by given us someone who behaves like a woman, please give us a man who can CHANGE everything. A man of change!

Iferika Chinenye Mocks – Buhari Will Neither Die Nor Resign

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“And now God has given you a man of change you asked for. And he has changed everything. A liter of fuel before was N87 and now is 150. A bag of rice before – N8000, now is N24000. A bag of pure water before – N60, now is N120.

“Still all these changes he made, but you did not appreciate it, today 85% of you want him to die or resign.

“He will neither die nor resign, and let me tell the next person will be worse than him. Happy change to Nigerians!”

Since President Buhari took over power May 29, many things have gone from bad to worse, landing him harsh criticisms. Although the president still has some die-hard fans, many are already dissatisfied with how he has been handling the nation’s challenges. Some have asked him to resign if he is unable to fulfill his campaign promises.