What Exactly Is iCharity Club Nigeria? Here’s Everything You Need To Know

iCharity Club is known as a donation hub for members who help each other in a systematic way to attain their financial goals. Through the platform, a member donates and also receive donations from another member anywhere in Nigeria and anywhere around the world. In other words, iCharity Club is available for everybody no matter their region.

The club claims to be the only one in the world that is truly liberating families from poverty and elevating them towards financial freedom. According to the group, it is neither an investment company nor a scam. It also promises prospects of ₦300,000 in a few weeks after joining the community.

What Exactly is iCharity Club Nigeria?

Now that we know that iCharity club claims to be a helping community platform where you can never lose your capital or invested amount, it’s imperative you know it’s said that one does not need a previous experience in networking or any educational qualification in order to take part in the financial fortunes.

The club has been operating in Nigeria since the coming of the recession in 2016 and the founder goes by the name Llya Ravich. It’s hard not to categorize iCharity as a Pyramid scheme since it works like one. As a member, you don’t sell any real product, your job is to recruit others into the matrix so you can upgrade and increase your earnings.

Facts To Keep In Mind

1. It’s not compulsory to make the donations, only that your account will automatically expire in three days if you fail to donate to your assigned upline.

2. There are no third party or intermediary managing the money you donate or receive.

3. The only fee that makes you an active member is your first donation – ₦6,000, and your subsequent donations.

How Does it Work? 

All it takes for you to join iCharity club Nigeria is your ₦6,000 ($20) and your bank account through which you’d receive your earnings. There are Grades 1 to 10. You can only climb to the top as you donate to uplines and recruit members to push you up the ladder or allow the advertising system to do it for you.

GRADE 1: Once you register as a free member on iCharity Club Nigeria and donate ₦6,000, in return, you will receive ₦6,000 x 5 (referrers) whom the system placed as your downlines = ₦30,000. But you can also promote your referral link to earn money faster without waiting on the system.

GRADE 2: To continue your upgrades, you are expected to donate ₦12,000 from the ₦30,000 into your assigned upline’s bank account. This is known as the Spillover. From here on, you only need to sit back and enjoy the inflow of ₦12,000 x 25 (people) = ₦300,000 into your account, as it is now the iCharity system that will bring 25 people as your downlines to pay you.

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With such donations, you’re on your way to the next grade.

iCharity Club NigeriaWe believe you can do the math on what your next donation would be. Essentially, you move to a higher GRADE with some percentage of the profits you made from the last level. GRADE 10 is the peak and it offers an eye-popping sum.

How to Upgrade your iCharity Club Account. 

1. After you update your user account profile, click on Upgrade Membership under the user account drop-down menu.

2. This will navigate you to the next page where you will see and note the bank and account details of your assigned upline. With the note, visit the designated bank and make the payment.

3. After you’ve made the payment, scan/screenshot and upload proof of payment to your iCharity user page; submit your donation details by selecting the account you paid to, the amount paid and the bank slip number – using the drop-down menu on section 2.

4. Click submit and wait for approval of your payment.

Is iCharity Club Real or a Scam?

Well, you can only decide what the community really is after reading the pros and cons listed below.


  • It is popular;
  • The matrix is organized, has a functioning website and there are no distortions in payments. If a member doesn’t donate to upline after 3 days, he/she is quickly blocked.
  • The money is very attractive and easy to make.


  • As mentioned earlier, the club doesn’t market any product, in other words, it depends solely on new members to self-sustain.
  • It can plunge anytime, along with your money.
  • Like other pyramid schemes, the person who starts it makes most of the money.


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