Davido VS Iceprince: Shina Peller Explains What Caused The Celebrity Fight


Over the weekend, Davido had a misunderstanding with Iceprince while on a tour in Warri, Delta State.

The social media went buzzing with news of a reported beef between the duo at the Delta Alive concert organized by Quilox boss, Shina Peller.

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According to a Twitter user, Saint Lee, ‘Iceprince questioned Quilox club boss, Shina Peller on why he was told to manage with others in a bus while Davido rode in a salon car, and then Davido allegedly got furious’.

While Davido and Ice Prince have declined to comment on the issue, Shina Peller narrated what happened in an exclusive interview with LIB.

He wrote:

“Ok here’s what really happened, my arrangement for the concert was to have a tour bus, so there was no time when anyone had a saloon car.

“It was a tour bus which everybody was in including myself, my artistes, Lil Kesh, CDQ and everyone just so we are all together to have fun but along the line i found out that Davido had some friends in Warri.’

“Davido was in the same bus with us from the airport to the hotel, he used the same bus from the hotel to Quest FM where we went for an interview before the show.

“It was at Quest FM his friends came to pick him with a white G-Wagon, I don’t even know the owner of the G-Wagon.

“So he was in his friend’s G-Wagon from the radio station to the event venue so it wasn’t an issue at all.

“He was also asked about the issue of performance hierarchy that we learnt got Ice Prince angry because he performed before Lil Kesh and he said, ‘now let me shock you, my artiste ‘Base One’ even performed after Lil kesh, so there was no superiority or hierarchy involved, I just wanted it to be a random event flow.

“The event even had two of my waiters at Quilox that sings I got them to perform at the show and we’ll still do 3 more of the event before the year runs out’.

“He also commented on the issue of both artiste leaving delta State airport in different lounges because of the beef, ‘when we were coming back to Lagos, It was Ice Prince that got to be at the VIP lounge, myself, Davido, Lil Kesh and others where outside in a shed with just a standing fan. really it’s all one family everything is resolved now.”

Shina Peller also said what really got Davido upset was the fact that Ice Prince was being disrespectful to him [Shina] by complaining about the logistics of the event.

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He also said Davido was calm all through the tour and didn’t complain even after the misunderstanding between him and Iceprince escalated.

Meanwhile, the OBO crooner will be expecting his second daughter in two weeks from his baby mama, Amanda.

He took to Snapchat to share the good news, telling his fans that making good music for them and taking care of his girls are all that matters to him.

Davido VS Iceprince: Shina Peller Explains What Caused The Celebrity Fight

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