Ibrahim Chatta Married His Third Wife at Age 45 But Who Are His Former Wives?

Ibrahim Chatta is a 53-year-old Nigerian actor, singer, producer, and prolific writer. Without much educational training, he worked his way to fame in the Yoruba movie industry. The dynamic actor has been married two different times and is currently in his third marriage. He married his third wife at the age of 45 after he and his other partners had gone separate ways at different times in the past. Meet Chatta’s wives below.

Olayinka Solomon is His Supposed First Wife

She is another outstanding actress in the Yoruba movie industry. Olayinka was the supposed first wife of Ibrahim Chatta. She confirmed the rumor that what caused the separation of her and her partner was assault and battery. Relaying her side of the story to Bonoonline. TV, she stated that she and her partner met in 2007 and began to live together in 2008.

Olayinka confirmed to the media that the actor was her first-ever partner and the man who deflowered her. Following this, she decided to give herself to him, hoping he would come for her marital introduction, which is part of their tribal marriage rites, when he gets enough money. 

According to Olayinka, she took in for the first time in 2007 but lost the pregnancy due to a series of the constant beating from Ibrahim Chatta. In recounting her experience with her ex, she referred to him as a womanizer and a gold digger who found a way to drain her of her money, and when he discovered that the money has finished, he began to treat her like a slave. She revealed that she took in again in 2008 and was put to bed in February 2009. Her mother was around to help her navigate the new demands of motherhood as her partner was nowhere close to her. 

Ibrahim Chatta and Olayinka Solomon
Ibrahim Chatta and Olayinka Solomon

Olayinka disclosed that after three months of their child-naming ceremony Chatta came back home with his girlfriend. Strangely, he apologized to her and told her that the lady would only spend the weekend. Olayinka took it upon herself to cook for their guest and slept in the guest room. The weekend turned into weeks, and when she confronted her partner about it, she disclosed that he began to hit her, and that was when she left the house for the first time.

Concluding her story, she noted that she regretted meeting the producer who treated her like a slave. As for who has custody of their child, the actress once took the internet to lament that the actor left her to cater for the child alone. Hence, one can infer that the child is in her custody.

Ibrahim Proclaimed He was Never Married to Olayinka

The actor came out to defend himself and debunk the rumor that he was a wife-beater. According to him, the only time he hit his partner was when she slapped him for dating another woman. He vehemently stated that they weren’t married; rather, they dated and had a child. 

In his defense for his involvement with other women when Olayinka was still in the picture, the prolific writer stated that the mother of his child never stayed at home whenever he was away to shoot a movie role. Explaining further, he noted that he couldn’t condone her indecent dressing and that her attitude towards him changed; therefore, he had to date other women.

He also confessed that one of his regrets was featuring her in his movie, which resulted in her not coming home for months and leaving him to take care of their child. All these, according to Ibrahim, led him to dump Olayinka because he couldn’t deal with her any longer. 

Salamatu Mohammed Lafiaji was His Second Wife

Ibrahim Chatta Married His Third Wife at Age 45 But Who Are His Former Wives?
Ibrahim Chatta and Salamatu Mohammed Lafiaji

Not long after he ended his relationship with Olayinka Solomon, he found peace in the arms of another woman, Salamatu Mohammed Lafiaji. She is the daughter of the former governor of Kwara State, Shaaba Lafiaji. According to her, their meeting was in 2007 on the set of a movie titled Tiwonsikanga, a movie by Kunle Afod. Ibrahim and Salamatu got married on the 30th of December 2012. 

However, their wedding had barely taken place when reports began to spread that they had marital issues. According to some sources, the bone of contention began when Salamatu’s mother visited her daughter in her matrimonial home and was disappointed about their living condition, which contrasts with what she had trained her child. 

Salamatu moved in with Ibrahim in 2007, but they became married in 2012. Not long after, she discovered that Chatta was a womanizer and a gold digger after her money. The very things Olayinka had accused Chatta of. According to her, he found a way to empty her account without her knowledge and had hit her to the point of miscarriage.

Ibrahim Denied Ever Hitting Salamatu 

With the news of his first relationship still hanging in the air, the second one also labeled him a wife-beater, a cheat, and a gold digger. This ultimately led to their separation.  Ibrahim had stood up to refute the rumor saying that the only woman he had ever hit was Olayinka Solomon, and that was because she slapped him. 

Relaying his side of the story, the actor revealed there was no form of trust in their relationship when they married. Also, he noted that he had done everything within his power to prevent their separation even when his ex-wife told him that she stopped loving him since 2012 when they had their Nikkah wedding. Even after he overheard her telling her sister that she was pretending in the marriage, Chatta said it didn’t prevent him from working towards holding down the fort. 

Concerning what led to the end of their marriage, the gossip mill had it that Salamatu left Chatta after the former’s mother who visited expressed her disappointment with their living condition, especially the nature of their apartment. The actor, however, refuted it by asserting that he lived in a four-bedroom flat with two sitting rooms. Therefore, their apartment was never the problem. However, Chatta disclosed that he loved having people in the house, and although his wife disliked it, she was aware of it and constantly complained about it.

Olaide Aishat is His Third Wife

Ibrahim Chatta Married His Third Wife at Age 45 But Who Are His Former Wives?
Ibrahim Chatta and Olaide Aishat

Ibrahim Chatta once again tied the knot in 2016 with another woman, a budding actress named Olaide Aishat, also known as Lizzie Berry. Their private wedding took place in an undisclosed location in Lagos State. There were rumors that Ibrahim had gotten Olaide pregnant while he was still married to Salamatu. During the wedding, Nollywood actress Toyin Afolayan gave her blessings to the couple as Chatta’s family and friends prayed that he gets it right in the third marriage.

Ibrahim Chatta’s Children with Olaide Aishat

 It seems he has finally gotten it right in choosing a life partner and a happy home as the actor welcomed a baby boy three months into their marriage in 2017. Before then, he had a son with actress Olayinka Solomon in 2009 named Malik. Also, in 2020, he welcomed a daughter with his pretty third wife. This was disclosed on his Instagram page. The proud father of three seems to be enjoying his marriage as he celebrates his anniversary every year.


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